This is the time wrinkles and other changes are strongly manifested, therefore, the appearance begins to deteriorate:

  • there is a decrease in the elasticity;
  • appears sagging.
For these reasons, it is necessary to exercise proper care, namely:
  • timely moisturize and nourish with nutrients;
  • to protect from the negative effects;
  • to tighten and eliminate wrinkles;
  • to remove signs of fatigue.

Older age, every woman should perform the following procedures for complex care:

  • Morning and evening cleaning.
  • Use toning products after cleansing.
  • Apply the cream age for hydration and nutrition.
  • To do a deep cleaning of the face — 1 time per 7 days.
  • At least twice a week to apply the face mask.
  • Massage the skin before going to bed.


Before applying any cosmetic ingredient you must carefully prepare the skin and to know all important details:

  1. In the beginning you need races to hover or clear the epidermis. In the first case, you can use plain hot water or prepare tea. 1 liter of water, take 2 teaspoons (calendula, chamomile, nettle or mint). For float and leave for a quarter of an hour. You then need to strain, slightly warmed and moistened a towel. Apply on face and keep for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated for a quarter of an hour. If no time, use a simple scrub and clean up the usual way, following the instructions.
  2. Face masks at home for 35 year old women are only used fresh, store they are not.
  3. Apply necessary along the massage lines of the face and a special brush. Will take the best lying position, do not move and do not speak.
  4. To remove product from the skin is possible with a cotton pad or a simple disposable dry cloth. After, rinse your face with warm water, or a decoction of rose hips, peppermint, nettle, etc. of the Mask film must be removed carefully from the bottom up, not making any sudden movements.
  5. For maximum results, carry out beauty treatments required by the course. The time of treatment is 2-3 months.

    For each type of skin has its own recipes of masks. Consider the most common of them.

    For dull and devoid of moisture

    1. Facials after 35 years at home for dry skin to help eliminate wrinkles, tighten the oval, to remedy the lack of fluids and nutritional compounds.Protein and natural honey is great to pull up a tool that supports the tone:
      • protein from one egg;
      • honey — 25 g;
      • the extract of fennel and sandalwood 5 drops.
      felis dolor

      Honey and essential oil to combine and heat in a water bath. In separate container beat the protein and add it to honey and mix well. Put on the prepared skin. Waiting quarter-hour and rinse.

    2. There is another way of making a quick face mask with honey at home after 35 years, which can be used for dry skin:
      • cucumber herb — 10 g;
      • honey — 10 g;
      • egg — 1 PC.;
      • natural yoghurt — 10 ml;
      • carrot juice — 1/2 tsp

    The cucumber grass is finely chopped and put in containers. Then pour yogurt, carrot juice and honey, stir. After add pre-beaten egg, again mix well. Distributed in the skin, withstanding a quarter of an hour.

    For normal skin

    1. A rejuvenating and nourishing facial masks after 35 years eliminate in the home of various inflammatory lesions, facial wrinkles and give the face a natural glow. For this we propose to use the recipe oats yogurt composition:
      • natural yoghurt — 50 ml;
      • rolled oats — 50 g;
      • honey product — 10 g.

      Flakes grind in a coffee grinder, mix in separate container with sour milk drink. Heating honey in a water bath and add the main components that you mix and put on face, aged 10 minutes. During this time, the composition is slightly dry and you may notice a slight feeling of tightness. Gently sprinkle and rinse.

    2. Well suited for normal type skin milk and honey mask for facial wrinkles 35-40 years, which improves appearance, lifts the oval, gives a natural glow:
      • kefir 2.5 % — 50 ml;
      • honey — 10 g;
      • ground almonds — 20 g.

      All of the above ingredients mix and spread evenly on the face. Held for half an hour, deleted. In addition to the lifting effect, the substance acts as a peeling.

    For oily skin

    facialis liquet
    1. When excessive sebum is necessary to use certain masks for face wrinkles at home after 35 years. They need not only to eliminate the signs of aging, tighten the oval, but also to normalize the glands.
      • natural yeast — 25 g;
      • homemade milk — 0,5 tbsp;
      • vitamin E ampoule — 10 ml.

      Dairy product, gently heat and dissolve yeast in it. Add vitamin E and stir. Using a cotton pad, evenly distributed on the face, leave for 15 minutes, rinse.

    2. In summer it is recommended to prepare a rejuvenating mask for face after 35 years with strawberries. Berry helps to fill the lack of micro -, macroelements and vitamins, to moisturize and sour cream to tighten skin at home. In addition, a ready-made tool removes acne, making the smooth cover:
      • strawberry — 70 g;
      • homemade sour cream — 70 g

      Wash the strawberries and put in bowl of blender. Add sour cream and crushed. The prepared mixture is evenly applied to the face and half an hour. Remove residues with a dry cloth and wash with cool water.