Be saved from wrinkles: prepare a rejuvenating mask based on honey for the face and around the eyes

Honey from wrinkles and lines it is convenient to use at home: this is a truly effective skin care fully based on natural composition of cosmetic products (no parabens, fragrances, and other popular ingredients in anti-aging lines).

What is the impact of honey?

In natural high-quality honey contains a number of amino acids, trace elements, essential oils and vitamin complexes. Its use on the skin allows to achieve the following effects:

  • mitigation;
  • deep hydration and nourishment;
  • toning and reducing the appearance of wrinkles (used against wrinkles around the eyes);
  • stimulates blood circulation (as a result, a better flow of oxygen, more healthy and well-groomed appearance, beautiful and healthy shade);
  • cleansing of the skin;
  • cell regeneration;
  • rejuvenation due to the high concentration of ascorbic acid and vitamin C in honey;
  • lining color of the skin, combat dark circles under the eyes, local redness and flaking.
uti mel tincidunt ut fundamentum

Formulations based on honey are found in many lines for the care of skin well-known manufacturers. To use this ingredient as an integral part of therapy against wrinkles can be in any home.

Honey as a natural antibiotic, contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Due to the large number of b vitamins, it helps to fight various infections, it stops the growth and development of harmful bacteria, helps against all kinds of fungi, and skin diseases.

Rules for the use of honey as the basis for cosmetics

To the maximum to preserve a valuable composition of honey and effectively use it to fight against wrinkles and other skin imperfections of the face, it is important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. before using honey, you need to thoroughly clean pores from the surface of contaminated skin propolis can deep into pores "to" disease-causing microbes;
  2. for use like only freshly prepared compositions to store them it is impossible;
  3. if the number of ingredients present in milk, eggs – to give preference to the better home products;
  4. mask and cream massage is applied gently, gently acting on the skin, so as not to injure her, the eye funds are deposited in a thin layer, avoiding the area directly in the center of the eyelashes;
  5. if the prescription product has a liquid consistency, it is easier to apply on top of the tissue paper because it will be less spread on the skin;
  6. heat the honey in the process of making masks against wrinkles is not recommended, as the heat treatment is lost its vitamin composition and can be potentially dangerous to skin connection;
  7. the optimal exposure time honey masks – up to 20 minutes; working time means one should not increase, as this ingredient can cause dangerous allergic reactions, and frozen crystals of the mask quite difficult to safely remove;
  8. during this procedure, you must try as much as possible to relax the skin and get away from it all (honey aroma promotes this);
  9. cream based on honey can be used as often as three times a week;
  10. to wash does not absorb the remnants of a honey must with cool water, if necessary, you can use cotton pads or wipes (especially handy to remove so mask around the eyes);
  11. for washing off the mask is great defending or just frozen water, not water with consistently low quality;
  12. Be sure to apply a nourishing cream after wash off the mask.

Recipes honey anti-aging masks in the home of cosmetology

Mixturis mellis anti-canus larvis

The simplest form of cosmetic products made from honey (in terms of preparation and use) is the mask. In addition, also apply cream, honey water cleanser, scrubs, cleansing lotions.

Properties of natural honey have a extremely effective impact on the skin. Honey tightens the skin, making it elastic and thus resistant to wrinkles.

Honey and protein

Rejuvenating mask from honey and egg protein are the most effective in fighting against wrinkles. You need to whip the protein with 1 tsp honey and 1 tbsp flour. The result should leave the sour cream type mixture that you want to keep on the face for about 15 minutes. As for rejuvenation of the skin can add 1 tsp of oatmeal. The result will not keep itself waiting.

Honey and egg yolk

Honey and egg yolk can get a light nourishing cream that can be applied around the eyes.

The most effective face mask against wrinkles is a mixture of honey with egg yolk. Honey-take 1 tsp for 1 egg yolk. Gradually, this mask gives the face freshness and to catch up, it rejuvenates, eliminates the possibility of appearance of small wrinkles around the eyes.

The mask should hold 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Recommended to owners of dry, dehydrated skin. In the morning after sleep, the best time for this procedure.

Honey and banana

Honey with banana protect the skin from the effects of polluted urban air and help get rid of the little prick.

2 tsp of honey should be stirred with one, mash into a porridge, with a banana. It is useful also to apply to the area around the eyes. Keep on the face for 10-15 minutes — rinse thoroughly.

The composition is suitable for any skin with pronounced signs of aging. After such mask the skin becomes more hydrated and soft, looks healthy, with a beautiful shade. For a more comfortable application in the listed ingredients add lemon juice or milk.


In equal proportions mix the decoctions of medicinal herbs (you can take chamomile, nettle, plantain, mint or sage) with honey. Grass needs to be erased in a powder in a mortar. Drip a few drops of boiled water to form a thick mixture.

Natural juice

You will need one tablespoon of grape or pear juice. Juice should not be store Packed. For the mask will only fit natural, fresh juice. Go with mask on the face for 10-15 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. This rejuvenating mask produces a nourishing effect, makes the skin much softer and smoother.

Add the honey, the cheese and the juice from fresh berries and get an excellent anti-aging mask anti-wrinkle. All components take in equal proportions. To go with the mask for about 20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

Lemon-honey mask

Dry skin, devoid of tenderness and velvety, help of lemon-honey mask. Squeeze 1 lemon, add the honey (100 grams). Apply on the skin. Do not keep more than 10 minutes. The composition gives the face a beautiful shade, deep cleans pores, produces a whitening effect.

Honey and glycerin

Glycerin can be used against wrinkles around the eyes and for cleansing what skin you would not have had. A mask of these components do, stir the honey, glycerin (both ingredients 1 tsp) and 3 tbsp cold water, then slowly add 1 tsp of flour, stirring all the time. The resulting mass is applied on clean skin and leave for 20 minutes.

Honey and vodka

This composition is suitable for disinfection of the skin, is under the drying effect, it should not be applied around the eyes where the skin is particularly delicate and requires the most careful treatment.

So, take 25 grams of of vodka, gradually mix with a little warm in the pan in honey (100 grams). Keep a mask 15 minutes.

Rejuvenating mask for the eye zone

Barley flour (90 g), egg protein, natural honey (2 tbsp): the ingredients to whisk into a thick foam (separate pre-chilled protein to whisk, and then carefully added to honey-barley mixture). You can use wheat flour, in this case, the skin is especially velvety and soft after the procedure.

Lemon-mel larva

Honey and yogurt

Use our photo recipe to cook a wonderful mask for fading skin of the face based on honey (1 tablespoon), yogurt (1 tablespoon) and lemon juice (1 teaspoon).


Honey can effectively solve a number of cosmetic problems. This is a great natural ingredient for home funds available for the care of Mature skin.

Concern about it can be an allergic reaction, because it is a strong allergen. For cosmetic purposes you can use only a natural product without impurities. Suitable for all types of product, including Linden, buckwheat and grasses. Due to the content of essential oils, the procedure of application of medical funds is a great way to get rid of apathy, bad mood, to get a charge of vivacity from the usual procedure for the systematic care at home.

Once honey was one of the most popular tools for skin care, yet the technology of production of cosmetics has not gained its popularity. Due to the fact that it penetrates deep into the pores, and thus, it nourishes the skin. The moisture evaporates and the chance for the skin to stay dry (and thus appear wrinkles) is reduced to a minimum. This honey and impresses the majority of owners of beautiful floor in the pursuit of beauty perfection.