The value and the rules applying night cream on the skin

The main objective of a night cream is the ultimate skin cell regeneration during sleep, when the body processes slow down and regeneration is much faster. In this case, you only need to choose the right cosmetic product in accordance with a specific skin type.

During the day, the skin performs a protective function and protects skin from external environmental factors. Night when applied the appropriate cream increases the ability of skin cells to accelerate metabolism and blood circulation that gives the face a natural beauty and youth. The use of a night cream is mandatory in terms of the preservation of the elasticity and tenderness of the skin!

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The fundamental differences between night and day cream

If you are using a night cream should be to understand the impact of cosmetic products and to understand the differences between different categories of drugs. Texture mixtures for application before bedtime is more airy and has more vitamins, moisturizing ingredients that are beneficial for the overall condition of the skin.

Girls under the age of 25 years do not have to use the tools of the night's exposure, as the skin at this age is able to heal itself. But if you have problem areas on the face application of a cream recommended by a beautician. After 35 years of additional care is a must, so of preparations of this category is to promote careful and proper care of the skin on the face.

The feature of applying a night cream is the recovery of the skin compared to the moisture and protection tools for daily use. Sometimes the use of conventional cosmetics before bedtime has a negative effect on the skin and contributes to the formation of edema on the face.

How to choose the right cosmetic

To choose a suitable night cream should be to determine the condition of the skin on the face and the desired effect. Recommendations when choosing a cosmetic preparation:

  • when fat type of a skin perfect cream with an airy texture or light emulsion with a content of vitamin, zinc oxide prevent inflammatory process in the skin;
  • dry skin type involves the acquisition of a nourishing character, consisting of Lecithin, Cholesterol, vitamins for wrinkles;
  • the first appearance of wrinkles involves applying a cream dense consistency with the content of ceramide and peptide complex;
  • after the age of 35 years is preferable to use cosmetic products, which includes collagen that is responsible for the softness and elasticity of the skin;
  • category 45-50 years involves the selection of cream with components that restore the skin at this age.

In the presence of a problematic skin should consult a qualified beautician, who will tell you effective and safe cosmetic!

Proper application of the night cream

The effectiveness of night cream depends on its application. In this regard, should consider recommendations for the application of cosmetics:

  • applying the cream is an important aspect when using the tool. The drug is best applied 2 hours before bed to achieve the maximum absorption;
  • Medicamento melius est, ut dicitur 2 horas ante tempus requiescendi
  • verification of correct application and control of soak cream. A person should get wet a cosmetic napkin and remove the excess of means to prevent blockage of the veins and swelling;
  • the use of the line creams of the same series, as chosen cosmetics must match your skin type and other individual manifestations;
  • compliance with proper sleep. Skin cells aktiviziruyutsya in the period from 18.00 until 1.00 o'clock in the morning, so during this time the woman should be in the sleep state.

Adherence to the above simple rules helps to ensure a maximum benefit and efficiency from the effects of night creams action!

The use of a night cream is an important procedure in the proper care of the skin. The main objective of this event is to the correct implementation of all actions to achieve the maximum positive effect and the result! The beauty of any girl or women is the results of good work on their own appearance!