Effective masks against wrinkles at home

Masks against wrinkles at home have advantages over buying in the store:

  1. They consist of natural components i.e., eco-friendly;
  2. The components you acquire their own, then have the opportunity to ensure quality and security;
  3. You can purchase the ingredients from reliable sellers;
  4. You can apply just before bedtime is the best time for cosmetic procedures. During sleep, there will be a consolidation of results;
  5. Homemade mask against wrinkles is already checked, you can read reviews or ask friends.

The skin after such masks is enriched with mineral and nutrients, vitamins, and collagen tighten the skin, and the massaging motion during application improves blood flow.


Tegmina contra rugis

Masks against wrinkles on the face, requires proper use to achieve a tangible effect. There are basic points that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Utensils should be made of natural material, namely glass or ceramic;
  2. Use fresh vegetables or fruits, eggs, high-quality essential oils, ingredients depend on the recipe;
  3. The mixture prepared for application should be prepared in one application, storing for the next time is unacceptable;
  4. To monitor the absence of substances that may be allergic reaction. If you know you are prone to allergies, you should conduct a preliminary test to apply a bit of mask on the skin behind the ear and wait 20 minutes.


Usum tantum nova legumina

So, after the effective mask against wrinkles prepared, proceed to apply directly. There is also useful knowledge of some of the nuances:

  1. The skin must be cleaned to useful substances freely through the pores;
  2. You can't push or RUB the skin, thus can provoke the appearance of new wrinkles;
  3. When applying makeup at the same time make the massage movements, light tapping;
  4. The muscles of the face while the makeup on the face should be relaxed, it is better to lie down and rest;
  5. To continue the mask for 20-30 minutes, longer makes no sense, the composition dries, the nutrients evaporate;
  6. Wash off the mask gently with warm or cool water, then apply moisturizer.

Masks against wrinkles at home it is recommended to apply not more often two times a week in accordance with your skin type.

Mask based on honey

Since ancient times, honey is known for its healing properties and rich content of mineral substances and vitamins. Also, it includes antioxidants that help skin cells to fight aging. The most effective mask from wrinkles are produced on the basis of honey. But you need to know about their tendency to the manifestation of an Allergy to it. Honey is better slightly warm, so it will be better to apply.

  1. To prepare masks against wrinkles on the face take the med in the amount of tablespoon and the juice of aloe in volume two, mix and leave on for 20 minutes.
  2. Mix glycerin and honey in the ratio 1:1, add water in the ratio 1:2. This mixture for 20 minutes will be perfect to nourish and smooth the skin.
  3. As a base, use the recipe number 2, for dry skin, added a tablespoon of olive oil.

Masks with olive oil

Olive oil long known for their beneficial properties, thus it is valid both outside and inside. It contains large amounts of antioxidants that fight harmful free radicals, nourishes and hydrates the skin. Homemade mask against wrinkles it is recommended to cook in hot olive oil.

  1. For dry skin type suitable mixture of the pulp of apples and oil of olives. One average Apple, mash into a puree, you need to take 2 tablespoons of oil, apply on face and after 20 minutes rinse with water.
  2. Is taken 50 ml of oil and 10 ml of vitamin E, the remains of makeup are removed from face with a napkin. Easy to prepare and affordable prescription.
  3. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which in cooperation with the olive oil nourishes and smoothes the skin. To prepare the mask you need lemon juice and oil mix at a ratio of 1:1, apply on face for 20 minutes, remove the remnants with a tissue.

Mask based on fruit

Based on fruit or berries, you can prepare the most effective mask from wrinkles. Only then should adhere to a rule that they must be fresh, preferably just picked. So all the nutritional and healing constituents of the fruit gets into the pores of the skin.

  1. Strawberries and/or strawberries to grind into a puree and apply on the skin after taking your skin will get a storehouse of vitamins.
  2. To combat wrinkles will help the mixture from the leaves of raspberry and lime flowers (1 tbsp) + 2 cups of boiling water. Let stand under a towel. Freeze the infusion and RUB ice skin before bedtime.
  3. For oily skin mix of berry puree with egg white. Protein pre-down, apply the mixture for 20 minutes, rinse with water.
Larva ex argilla

Mask with essential oils

Essential oils are effective cosmetic agents, the active components in their composition can help to fight the imperfections of the facial skin. Since essential oils are too active, they need to add a few drops.

  1. For dry skin mix grinding oat flakes, sour cream 20% fat, oleum Borago 1 table L. Add 1 tsp of honey, 3 drops ylang-ylang oil, carrot seed. Blend eliminates wrinkles, smoothes, whitens. Apply to face and décolleté.
  2. Almonds to soak in milk, remove skin, chop into porridge with milk. The consistency must be easy to use. Add 2 drops of myrrh, 3 drops frankincense, and geranium oil. This composition will help tired, dry skin, leave on for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Lemon essential oil helps to cope with the problems prone to oily skin. To prepare the mixture you will need whipped protein mix with a half teaspoon of lemon juice and as much alum. Enter 3 drops of lemon essential oil. Apply the composition on the skin and wait until you pull the skin. Through this action tightens enlarged pores, wrinkles.
  4. Mask of orange oil and strawberries will not only help to fade the skin, but also makes delicious scents improve mood. 3-4 strawberries, grind thoroughly, add 1 tbsp of cream and a drop of orange oil. The mask nourishes and lightens the skin, has a rejuvenating effect against wrinkles. The fresher the fruit will be, the more useful mask.
  5. Restore elasticity, improve suppleness, help mask anti wrinkle oil of bergamot and cream. Mix 1 tsp of honey and sour cream, add 2 drops of bergamot oil. After 20-25 minutes, gently remove with a tissue.

The use of cottage cheese

Due to the content in curd is useful components of calcium, it is useful to care for fading skin. Fat cottage cheese useful for normal skin. Recipes masks against wrinkles on the basis of cheese a lot, consider some.

  1. Combined with the sea salt cottage cheese will help to smooth, refresh the face. Prepare 1 tsp of salt 1 tbsp of fresh cream.
  2. To fight wrinkles will help mask of sour cream with cottage cheese. Mix them in the ratio 2:1, add a little salt. After 15-20 minutes, gently rinse with milk. Salt is added to give the effect of the scrub removes the old cells.

Mask based on clay

Blue clay is very helpful in combating wrinkles, because rich in minerals, making it improves skin tone and smoothes the skin. Homemade mask against wrinkles turns out efficient and prepared simply. For skin prone to dryness, added ingredients, saturated fats such as sour cream, cream, olive oil. For skin prone to acne and blackheads, you need to add lemon juice or low-fat yogurt.

  1. Normal and oily skin will show good results after the mask of clay with an herbal infusion or milk. To do this, a couple of tablespoons of clay to dilute the liquid to a substance and leave for 15-20 minutes.
  2. For dry skin blue clay in an amount of 2-3 tablespoons of mixed with tablespoon of oil of rose, 1 egg yolk. The yolk and hips its useful properties to enhance the effect of clay.
  3. Enhance the rejuvenating properties of clay will help the capsule with vitamin a, that is, to Mix the clay with the capsule and add to them to choose:
  • sea-buckthorn puree;
  • yeast;
  • cocoa;
  • yogurt.

Cooked leave on for 15-20 minutes, gently rinse with water. The ingredients can be combined with each other.

For the prevention of and fight against existing wrinkles homemade masks — an indispensable assistants, which are simple to prepare and are always at hand. To achieve with them the effect can be, but it's worth to make a little patience and effort. Don't forget the rules of freshness and exercise caution when the possibility of allergies. If there is an unpleasant sensation in the process of finding the mask on the skin should immediately remove it. Remove the mask and apply gentle strokes.