Egg mask for face is a universal cosmetic product at home

About the benefits of eggs to the human body many people have heard. The chemical composition of this product has a positive impact not only on health and well-being, but also on the skin when applied topically. All that lot of nutrients and mineral substances and vitamins, which is found in eggs, allows to provide decent care even problem skin. All egg face masks are divided into three groups: the yolk, with protein and whole eggs. Each of them will be different because the chemical composition of the two components of this product is not the same.

1. The yolk Ovum faciem larvis
  • Vitamin a plays first fiddle here, because it controls the moisture level in the cells, eliminating severe dryness of the skin (seasonal and age) and softening peeling spots on the face;
  • Vitamins from group B have anti-inflammatory properties, which allow the egg mask to combat such rash like pimples and acne;
  • Vitamin D slows down aging processes taking place in cells, prolongs youthfulness of the skin, prevents early appearance of wrinkles, fights with other age-related changes;
  • Lecithin is known for its protective functions, increases the skin's resistance to external aggressive influences in the form of a temperature differential, sunlight, harmful fumes, chemicals, and polluted atmosphere;
  • Sodium has mainly a transport function as it helps the cells to metabolize the remaining nutrients;
  • Potassium regulates the moisture content in the cells;
  • Iron is necessary for normal blood circulation, which provides skin nutrition and the required amount of oxygen, which allows it to stay in shape;
  • Calcium evens out the skin texture making it smooth and silky.
2. Protein
  • Natural protein provides restoration of damaged tissues triggers regenerative processes, promotes rejuvenation of the skin takes control of the production of subcutaneous fat, sebaceous glands, providing egg mask for face dry effect and tightening of pores;
  • Carbohydrates tone the skin, according to her energy and radiance throughout the day;
  • Fats — natural protection from harmful external influences;
  • Glucose improves skin color;
  • The enzymes increased to dry the action of protein;
  • B vitamins soothe irritated skin, managing inflammatory the rash of teenage acne and pimples.
3. Whole egg

The yolk and white, like black and white, have a diametrically opposite effect on the skin: hydrates one, the other dries. Together they create a harmonious unity of the whole with unique cosmetic properties.

If you regularly make masks of whole eggs, they will nourish the skin with all necessary elements and substances, to keep in shape and to fight with aging.

Hence the number of indications for the use of eggs as beauty products.

Egg mask for the face: indications and contraindications

Most of the negative reviews about homemade masks for the face due to the fact that people ignore the advice of experts. If the mask of eggs to be applied correctly, in accordance with the testimony, the effect is obvious after the first procedure, and in the future will only be strengthened. If you do not ask this question in advance, to do at random, at their discretion, may cause undesirable side effects that will cause disappointment and frustration. Egg masks for face is safe to use in the following cases:

  • to treat teen acne;
  • for elimination of inflammatory foci in the form of acne;
  • to power the normal skin;
  • to rejuvenate the fading;
  • to tone tired;
  • protein masks can be used only for oily and problem skin with enlarged pores;
  • yolk — for dry and flaky skin that suffers narrowing of the pores.

If the mask of whole eggs have no contraindications, universal for all skin types, the protein and the yolk funds already have limited scope. In compliance with this framework and there are various misunderstandings. If you use a pure protein to take care of dry skin places peeling can bleed and dry areas to pull in fine lines and wrinkles. Nothing good happens when you use yolk for oily skin: it will be covered with an even thicker layer of greasy film. Therefore, it is important to take seriously the indications and contraindications for home use egg masks for face. Their effectiveness will influence another factor — the rules of their preparation and application.

Varius enim faciem ovum larvis

For the rules

The eggs turned out to be truly useful for the skin, you should consider the small but very important nuances in the process for their preparation and immediate use.

  1. Usually homemade masks are recommended to use chicken or quail eggs. But here we must note that in the recipes most often, the calculation of dosages is chicken. Therefore, using quail, you will need to increase the number of eggs in half.
  2. The effectiveness of masks made from eggs, will be much higher if you buy a low-grade product incubator origin in stores.
  3. To the egg yolk did not work clumps, and protein — dense, viscous slurry, it is recommended to beat the eggs in a blender: this will ensure uniformity of consistency.
  • Ways to separate the protein from the yolk — a great many. You can use a funnel, sieve or sleight of hand (but it will take practice). The most convenient and proven way still remains a funnel that you can make yourself from ordinary paper. If you pour it to the egg, the protein will flow into the filled dishes through the narrow tip of the neck of the funnel and the yolk will remain in the extended part.
  • As the egg mask (especially classical, when the product is used in pure form without any additional ingredients) has a viscous texture and is very slippery, it is recommended to use for its application a special brush (the blade will also be ineffective in this case, as egg mass will constantly slide off it down).
  • Medium efficiency can be enhanced if the procedure is to make a steam bath for the face and clean skin scrub (preferably homemade). This will allow the nutrients to penetrate deeper and act more actively.
  • Another feature: the eggs tend to dry on the skin. Already after 7 minutes, you can feel how the face is covered with a thin cork foil. At this point, it is recommended to apply the mask with a brush again. The second layer will update and strengthen the first effect. After 10 minutes all can be washed.
  • During the procedure, it is desirable to lie, to relax, to exclude emotions and feelings, not to intensify facial expressions.
  • Total lifetime egg mask for about 20 minutes. If the feeling of tightness is very unpleasant, the mask is recommended to wash before.
  • The rinse-water can be prepared in advance. First, if it is water, it must be: 1. room temperature; 2. filtered or mineral (naturally carbonated). Secondly, you are to please the skin if using for this purpose a decoction of some herbs, which is suitable for your skin type. Thirdly, rose water is also suitable for such wash.
  • The procedure for removing egg mask — whole act, as it is on the face time pretty dry. First you need to moisten in a rinsing liquid with a cotton swab and DAB liberally to the face. Then remove part of the mask that pad. Residues are removed when washing.
  • After the mask should be applied on the skin cream corresponding to your skin type, and within an hour (the minimum term) is not to go outside.
  • Frequency of use of egg masks will depend on the nature of the problem being solved. If they are used for medicinal purposes (against peeling, vitamin deficiency, inflammatory lesions), you can do 2-3 times a week. If used as a conventional means for skin care 1 times a week would be sufficient.

Egg is a unique product, and therefore the characteristics of the egg of face masks so much. But, following this instruction, can significantly transform the problematic skin that requires special care. Eggs — exactly what she needs for blooming and beautiful. The main thing — to choose the correct recipe.

Recipes of egg masks for face

The difficulty of choosing a mask from the egg that recipes very much, as this product goes well with the others. The effectiveness of each will be largely determined by individual characteristics of the skin. If you did not work as you would need one mask, you can not give up: you need to try another.

For normal skin


Dissolve 1 tsp gelatin 8 tsp. water (filtered). The dissolution process can be accelerated by means of a water bath. 1 egg yolk mixed with dissolved gelatin, slowly infusing 1 S. L. olive (peach) oil.


Mix 1 whole egg, 1 tsp honey and mayonnaise (sour cream), 1 C. L. puree of fresh fruits (berries). It can be cherries, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, peach, gooseberry, Apple. Stir, add 2 tbsp of oat flour.


Mix 1 whole egg, 2 tsp vegetable (olive, peach) oil, 1 S. L. of cottage cheese low or medium fat.

For oily skin

album a separata ovum vitellus Protein

Whipped to a froth protein in pure form is applied to the face.


Mix 1 egg white, 1 tsp lemon juice (fresh), 1 teaspoon of good cognac, 2 tbsp cucumber juice.


Mix 1 egg white with 1 s. l. a grated Apple (green and sour). Apple replaced solid varieties of pear, grapefruit, orange, sour grapes, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate and red currants.

For dry skin

The yolk

Whipped yolk in pure form applied to the skin.


Mix 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp honey.


You can use banana, persimmon, avocado, melon, apricot, zucchini, carrots, cabbage. Mix 1 egg yolk and 1 S. L. fruit or vegetable puree.

With all the recommendations of the reviews about the egg facial masks usually are very positive.

Complete care for any skin type must include a course of 10-15 masks, especially during the period of beriberi, when the body is lacking nutrients.

This shortage has not affected the saddest way on your beautiful face, be sure to use the above recommendations and recipes.