Homemade anti-aging facial masks: effective recipes at any age

Our body grows up to 20 years. This age begins the countdown. It affects primarily the skin. Causes of aging many is a lack of collagen (the main indicator of the elasticity of the epidermis), the active work of the muscles, especially around the eyes, forehead and mouth, lack of nutrients. About the reasons we can talk a lot and tedious – let's talk about the rejuvenation of the skin.

young skin

Means a lot – one way

It's a constant, regular care for the skin. Homemade anti-aging Facials at a young age should take a respectable place. The most beneficial effects on the epidermis are providing only natural remedies. Recipes of our mother nature, which not just help to restore youth, but do it thoroughly and permanently. With their help:

  • skin cells will return the ability to regenerate;
  • a person will acquire a healthy color;
  • the skin becomes softer, supple and much softer;
  • about you will forget wrinkles;
  • the epidermis will become saturated with moisture, nutrients.

Thanks to natural components, home care will not cause allergies and irritations (of course, if you don't have a reaction to natural remedies such as honey, nuts, citrus). And most important argument for full accessibility and a nice low price coupled with excellent, long effect.

Rules for the application of anti-aging masks

Rejuvenating facial masks at home you need to start doing after 20 years. They have become our constant companion, reliable and persistent. But that all processes have been most useful, there are some simple rules for the conduct of such departures.

  1. To steam the face. We need to skin pores fully open and were able to take maximum benefit. To steam the skin by using hot water, but will be useful to the healing broth of herbs (succession, nettle, mint, camomile).

Two pinches pour a liter of water in a water bath torment the mass of a quarter of an hour. Then insist broth minutes 40-45. Strain and dilute with boiling water (500 ml). The skin vapor 5-6 minutes before the mask.

  1. Cleanse the skin. Ideal for this purpose natural scrub. Make it very simple: make a mixture of cream or fat cottage cheese and coffee grounds. This scrub is suitable for all skin types. Instead of coffee you can take:
  • Sugar, salt and cream for oily type.
  • Oatmeal with honey or milk for dry and sensitive.

The ingredients are mixed usually in the ratio of 1:2, where one part is scrubbing products. To treat the face of the need 3-4 minutes, then rinse with water.

  1. To apply. Imposed healing weight evenly over the entire face, neckline, neck, and hold her for about 15-20 minutes.
  1. To remove the remnants. Remnants of the mixture removed with a clean cloth, accende intus stupam face in herbal decoction or warm water.

Mask for face rejuvenation in house conditions carried out by the course: 2 times a week for 2-3 months with a break of six months. More frequent anti-aging care is not necessary – the epidermis may oversaturate mineral components, and to achieve the desired effect will be difficult.

the best recipes of masks

The best recipes in the home

Young ladies (25-30 years)

Epidermis after 25 years begins to slowly lose moisture. To this is added (and very common) problems arising from improper care (the use of alcohol lotions, the obsession with tanning). After traces of youthful acne (post-acne). Young skin also has a special sensitivity to the weather conditions, environment and nutrition.

  • With honey. Make a mixture of egg yolk, honey (36 ml) and vegetable oil (50 grams). The yolk is thoroughly mulled with honey and add butter. This mixture is applied in several layers (every 5 minutes up to end mix). This mask is perfect to rejuvenate dry skin.
  • Kefir. Mix low-fat cottage cheese (22 g) with yogurt (48 ml). Added to these mashed into a puree a quarter of sour Apple. These ingredients help with oily skin with acne.
  • Protein. If the epidermis has a high fat content – just apply a protein in its purest form and wait until it is completely dry. In other cases, the protein mix with sour cream, yogurt or curd in equal proportions. This mixture is well tightens pores and removes Shine.

Homemade masks for facial rejuvenation at this age need to do not often, but regularly. It will be enough to hold 1 procedure weekly.

Gentle ladies (30-35 years)

After the age of 30 years slowly begins to decrease the ability of cells to recover. The epidermis loses its tone, poorly synthesized collagen fibers. It is in this period appear the first wrinkles, skin thinning. In the body produce free radicals, which reduce the normal process of metabolism.

  • Cucumis. Finely grate cucumber. In Cucumis mass (25 g), add the mashed berries (10 grams) and fat sour cream (18 ml). This tool in addition to anti-aging effect whitens and nourishes the skin.
  • Milk. The yolks of the eggs whisk with milk or cream (19 ml), add a bit of flour for thickening mass. This rejuvenating mask perfectly smoothes the epidermis.
  • Egg. First on the face, apply whipped to a froth protein (pre-add to it 4 drops of lemon juice). The protein is applied in five layers (following drying of the previous one). Once dry fifth layer – rinse and apply protein mass of yolk, olive oil (5 ml) and lemon juice (5 drops). Mask in addition to anti-aging properties, gives the skin a velvety appearance.

Masks for facial rejuvenation at home at this age you need to give your skin 1-2 times a week.

masks for 35-40 years

Charming lady (35-40 years old)

Epidermis after 35 years is becoming a bigger problem. Wrinkled fabric, bags and circles under the eyes, constant swelling. Age-related changes starts to increase, this affects the decrease in the level of estrogens (female hormones).

  • Clay. Mix white clay (30 g) and corn oil (32 ml). Instead of corn oil you can use olive oil. Lifting the mask and whiten the face, smooths his tone.
  • With the gelatin. Gelatinous powder (7 g) cover with cold water (64 ml). 40 minutes wait until the swelling of gelatin. Then a lot add a little heat and add yogurt or sour cream (25 grams). To the mixture a little, add flour to get a creamy consistency. A rejuvenating preparation perfectly cleans the epidermis, reduces pores.
  • Oatmeal. Beat the egg and mix with a handful of oatmeal flakes (they should be pre-steamed). The resulting thick mixture in addition to the effect of rejuvenating and even nourishes the epidermis.

In this age period mask for facial rejuvenation have become a constant companion of every woman. To be done 2-3 times weekly.

Luxurious beauties (40-50 years)

Life after 40 years is gaining momentum. This is the most beautiful period for a woman. Beautiful he should be and for skin that requires very careful maintenance. During this period, the epidermis is very thin, dramatically decreases cellular activity. And the destruction of the dermis is still faster. Rapidly depleting stocks of hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers. Can appear pigmented areas.

  • With Aloe. Cut some leaves of the Aloe a couple of weeks and soak them in the fridge. Then squeeze the juice and add olive oil (16 ml), egg yolk and honey (12 g). Weight applied to the epidermis warmed. Rejuvenating mask nourishes and enriches the epidermis, restoring lipid metabolism.
  • Glycerin. Make a mixture of olive oil (16 ml), glycerol (6 g), liquid honey (6 ml) and chamomile infusion (16 ml). This is a very effective rejuvenating mask lifts the skin tone.
  • Brandy. We need to prepare the healing mass of yolk, lemon juice (5 ml), dark honey (28 g) cream (100 gr) and a good cognac (24 ml). This tool in addition to anti-aging effect perfectly cleanses and tones the epidermis.

In this age of anti-aging face mask at home to get the maximum performance given the skin 2-3 times weekly. Their ideal to include in the integrated, comprehensive care.

mask 50-60 years

Stunning women (50-60 years)

Our skin after 50 years, dramatically loses its elasticity and sags. This happens due to the loss of the fat layer and deterioration of metabolism. At this age, the epidermis is almost always dry. Increasingly, satellites eyes become dark circles and puffiness. There is a second chin. Now in the recipe of a rejuvenating face mask will include funds deeply moisturizing the epidermis.

  • Yeast. Yeast (5 g) is mixed with heated milk to produce a thick slurry. Leave this mixture for half an hour. At this time, the pair melt the mixture of honey (28 g) flax oil or fish oil (16 ml). Yeast rejuvenating face mask well nourishes the dermis of the active substances.
  • From starch. Mix with starch (30 g) large table salt (10 grams), milk (32 ml) and melted honey (6 ml). This mask has the effect of scrubbing, frigora the skin and deeply nourishes it.
  • Almond. Tere rind of one lemon and peremeshaem it into the lemon juice (5 ml), protein, and almond bran (9 grams). This mask will give your face a remarkably porcelain shade, smoothness and inner radiance. Also the rejuvenating effect is complemented by a deep cleansing action.

In this age period anti-aging mask for dry skin at home can and should be conducted 2-3 times weekly. Max with almonds is done less frequently (2 times monthly).

Gorgeous Charmers (from 60 years)

Mature epidermis after 60 years completely ceases during this period to develop collagen, greatly slows down the metabolism. To increased dryness of the skin are added peeling, allergic reactions to any whim of weather, dull dehydrated person. Pronounced wrinkles – many pigmented areas, which have vascular mesh.

mask from a pumpkin
  • From the pumpkin. Mix pumpkin puree (34 grams) with sour cream (17 grams). The weight of added vitamin a in capsules. This tool activates the lipid metabolism and stimulates the cells of the epidermis to regenerate.
  • Gelatin. Granules of gelatin (16 g) pour warmed milk (20 ml) and left to swell gelatinous powder. Then place the mass in the refrigerator, where it will become the consistency of thick gel. This tool is one of the most effective for anti-aging properties.
  • Almond. Make a mixture of almond oil (32 ml), honey (56 g), ampoules of vitamin E (tocopherol) and rose essential oil (5 drops). In addition to the rejuvenating properties of this tool are aimed at deep nourishment of the skin.

Effective masks for a face rejuvenation of aging skin, you need to do in a day, changing them and combining them with nourishing and moisturizing agents.