The procedure of facial rejuvenation: what is the most effective?

In his youth few people think about what you need the most carefully relate to the skin to make it as long as possible remained fresh and beautiful. And only after thirty, become obvious when the first signs of aging, the majority begins to rush about in search of an effective method of how to rejuvenate the face. Although preventative treatment is necessary to make much earlier. But better late than never.

anti-aging treatments for face

When it's time to start

Regular and proper care of skin should be a healthy habit from an early age. It helps to keep it in good condition and removes the need for rejuvenating at least a few years.

Additional stimulation of the skin to use experts advise only after 25-27 years. Before that natural regeneration processes are quite active.

Intense skin rejuvenation should be carried out, when it became noticeable following issues:

  • "tired skin", which is still fresh in the morning and in the evening noticeable fade;
  • the appearance of multiple small and deepening of facial wrinkles;
  • "dislodging" of the oval face, the loss of clarity of the circuit;
  • bruises and bags under the eyes, drooping eyebrows and upper eyelids;
  • change complexion, uneven skin tone;
  • all the more pronounced pigmentation, especially in spring and summer;
  • vertical wrinkles on the cheeks, they are sagging;
  • clear horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and neck.

It should be understood that a single visit to the beautician, and even salon treatments does not solve the problem once and for all. To slow down the destructive processes is possible only using an integrated approach: intensive care, home care, good nutrition, avoiding harmful habits, exercises and massage.

Salon treatments

Conventionally, all salon treatments for rejuvenation can be divided into three groups: laser, injection, hardware and other chemical peels. There are also combination methods, which combine two or more modern technologies.

Professionals can rotate the different procedures to obtain the maximum effect from each of them. Upon successful selection and hold the result even better than after surgical facelifts.

Laser cosmetology

Laser technology today are the most popular. Modern equipment allows to perform all manipulations with very high accuracy. The cosmetician can work surface, or all layers of the skin, effectively doing it face-lift and rejuvenation.

Laser peel

laser cosmetology facial

One of the first laser procedures to run which began at the end of last century. Then it was pretty traumatic, since the laser beam actually succendit entire face. The depth of penetration was difficult to control and often after the procedure has scars and bumps.

Now there are three degrees of effects: surface, medio and deep peels. After the surface, the patient can immediately go home, and the period of active recovery lasts only a few days.

After medio and deep peeling at least a day have to spend in hospital and the skin then needs very careful care. But the effects are stunning – one treatment "erased" visually up to 10 years.


Gentle technique in which the surface layer of skin is practically destroyed. Light photons stimulate fibroblasts – the cells responsible for the production of elastin. On a different frequency affected blood vessels, effectively removing the mesh and stars. It also helps eliminate superficial pigmentation, destroying the melanin. Mode deep warming provokes the contraction of collagen fibers and produces a significant tightening of the skin.

Procedure if necessary you can perform after 25 years. But beauticians recommend to undergo the procedure immediately after 30 to help slow down age-related destructive changes.

Unfortunately, after fifty years, the effectiveness of this type of therapy dramatically reduced or it needs to be combined with other methods.


Innovative technology that opened only a few years ago, but already became one of the most popular. The device is designed so that the skin at the same time the effect of photon flux and radio-frequency radiation. The laser removes pigmentation and warms the epidermis, stimulating collagen production and causing protein denaturation.

The electrical impulses are configured so that they penetrate primarily in aged or damaged cells, activating them and increasing the potential.

The structure of the skin is actually restored from within. The result is smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores, improves and evens the complexion. Skin is noticeably firmer and rejuvenated.

Hardware procedures

To this category we attributed the procedures, salon equipment, but without the use of laser technology. They are more forgiving, but with proper selection and regularity give very good results. Their main advantage – the complete absence of rehabilitation period, painless and safe for patients.

hardware Facials
Procedure Action
Muscle toning On the patient's face is fixed a small electrode, which is weak electric current that cause muscles to contract. Procedure corrects the shape of the face perfectly removes the second chin and flews, improves subcutaneous blood circulation, reduces the depth of expression wrinkles.
Microcurrent therapy On the skin and a very small pulse current that the patient is not felt. It strengthens and stimulates fine blood vessels, smoothes small wrinkles, smooths the skin and reduces pores. The face becomes smooth and refreshed.
Galvanization Here therapeutic uses constant low current. It affects the cells, stimulating occurring in them processes: accelerates metabolism, improves cellular nutrition, gently expanding capillaries and promotes the deep penetration of previously applied nutrients.
Photo stimulation The exposure of the skin to light waves of different spectrum. Red – warms it and increases blood flow, activates the metabolism. Blue is useful for oily skin as it has the ability to tighten pores and dry it. Green – soothes irritation, has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates regeneration processes.
Vacuum massage Perfectly smoothes wrinkles, affects the skin and the muscle training and tightening them, strengthens capillaries, improves subcutaneous blood circulation, promotes detoxification, removes from the pores of impurities and excess fat. Some devices enable you to simultaneously lipolysis to remove excess subcutaneous adipose tissue.
Microdermabrasion Less traumatic procedure for a quick facial rejuvenation, in which with the help of tips with a diamond coating of different density mechanically erased the top layer of the epidermis. Thus it is easy to remove marks and spots from acne, superficial pigmentation, not old stretch marks and scars. It has a strong lifting effect, but it is not recommended for patients older than 50 years.
Ultrasonic lifting For this procedure use ultrasound high frequency, which can work in any layer of the epidermis. It gently warms the skin, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, nourishes the cells with oxygen, strengthens the fine muscles.

For a lasting visible effect need to undergo a course of 5-10 treatments, as they are in the depth and force of impact is much weaker laser technologies. They can take place also after a surgical facelift to prolong the youthfulness of skin updated.

Injection techniques

The subcutaneous injection of specially designed cocktails and drugs, resulting in a strong local impact. Plus – relatively no pain, affordable price and low-trauma at a sufficiently high efficiency.

The downside is that the results are saved from several months to 1-2 years, and then the procedure has to be repeated.

mesotherapy for face


The procedure can be performed in conventional syringe, or using a pneumatic gun. In the middle layers of the dermis so impose the vitamins and amino acids, drugs, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, rejuvenating smoothies and whey. The skin is exposed to the pricks of a square with a side of 1-1,5 see

The procedure allows to obtain a double effect: it stimulates the regeneration processes, as the skin tends to regain its integrity in places numerous punctures. At the same time his action have introduced drugs. The result is noticeable after 1-2 sessions, and for some time only increases.

Currently there is a homemade alternative to this salon treatment. Mesotherapy can be performed independently with the help of dermaroller. – plastic roller with hundreds of the finest sharp needles, which the skin after applying to it necessary of the drug is rolled several times in different directions.


On the technique of execution is similar to mesotherapy. But in this case, under the skin are hyaluronic acid products. It is in the human body, but with age its production is significantly reduced. This creates dry skin, fine wrinkles appear. Biorevitalization allows to solve these problems.

In the ultra-modern version of the procedure can be conducted using laser technology. Divided into thousands of micro beams powerful photon stream performs the nano-perforation of the skin. Through the formed micro channels hyaluronic acid penetrates to the deepest layers of the epidermis. At the same time stimulates the active regeneration of tissues.


From the name of the drug, which is created based on the neurotoxin type A produced by a particular bacteria, Botox has become a household name. Referred to as all drugs are neuro-blockers that are used in the beauty industry to combat facial wrinkles.

The procedure involves administered at a fixed point in a predetermined dosage. The toxin at the time interrupts the communication between muscles and neurons. This allows the skin at the site of deep facial folds to recover, as small muscles of the face lose their ability to contract.

Many women are still afraid of the injection. Although modern drugs are completely safe, hypoallergenic and very rarely provoked side effects.

A facial expression, facial asymmetry, drooping eyelids and other troubles happen mainly because of lack of professionalism of the beautician, so it's important to find a good specialist.


It was first used as a means of rejuvenation, about twenty years ago. When a thin needle is introduced under the skin purified from red blood cells plasma the patient's own blood. It stimulates the regeneration processes of the skin and contributes to its active renewal.

The procedure is quite expensive, as it requires special equipment. However, it allows to obtain visible results already after the first session. But before it is necessary to ensure the absence of any blood diseases, systemic viruses and infections as well as autoimmune diseases and cancer.


acupuncture facial rejuvenation

Can also be attributed, however, a stretch to injection techniques. This procedure for thousands of years and its rejuvenating effect is achieved through the manipulation of fine needles on biologically active points. It is important that the expert clearly knew their location and had a good command of the technique of performing the procedure.

It is noteworthy that with the help of acupuncture can be solved simultaneously and many other challenges:

  • to normalize blood pressure;
  • to relieve muscle spasms;
  • to eliminate a nervous TIC;
  • to remove headaches;
  • lift the corners of the lips and eyes, etc.

It's more of a medical procedure with an excellent cosmetic effect. But to obtain it you need to be at least 10-15 sessions.

Chemical peels

The rejuvenating effect of chemical peels is due to the fact that the upper layer of the epidermis is destroyed under the influence of acids of different type and concentration. They can be superficial, medio and deep. The latter are performed only in a hospital environment and by the impact is comparable to laser resurfacing.

Often salons offer peels such types of acids:

  • breast – perfectly softens the skin, moisturizes it, has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • pyruvic – increases the firmness and elasticity of skin, smoothes and refreshes the complexion;
  • lemon is a great way to combat hyperpigmentation and excessive greasiness of the skin;
  • almond has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, perfectly struggling with acne;
  • retinoic – able to penetrate deeper than other acids that are useful as a means of dealing with traces of acne and superficial wrinkles.

Popular multi acid cocktails that have a complex rejuvenating effect on the skin. Their concentration may range from 10 to 70 percent. If it is above 40%, such drugs can only work specially trained beauticians. In their incorrect application can be very deep burns of the skin.

Remember that any procedure of facial rejuvenation begins with a thorough cleansing. Then it should definitely RUB lotion and do everything just right pre-washed and treated with antiseptic hands.