Best homemade mask of wrinkles on the face and under the eyes cream

Due to the presence of large amounts of protein, this cleanser restores cells and promotes their rejuvenation. That is why choosing the right mask and cream for facial wrinkles can cope with age-related lesions of the dermis.

Composition and useful properties


In the composition of this unique product has a large number of important ingredients:

  1. Vitamin a – has a regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. This manages to enhance the synthesis of collagen fibers and increase skin elasticity.
  2. Vitamin E – stimulates the metabolism, making the face more clean and shining.
  3. Vitamin PP prevents the negative influence of external factors.
  4. Vitamin C – improves the blood supply of blood vessels, normalization of skin color and save oxygen.
  5. Organic acids – produce a rejuvenating effect.
  6. Trace elements, have a skin rejuvenating effect. The cream has a lot of iodine, sodium, copper, etc. Minerals contribute to the renewal, nutrition and recovery of cells.
  7. Milk fat – has expressed nourishing, anti-stress and antioxidant characteristics.

Mask and cream for face wrinkles at home may be a great alternative to salon procedures. This product gets into the deeper layers of the epithelium, produces a moisturizing effect, nourishes the skin and regulates metabolism.

Through its application fails to run the processes of cell regeneration. As a result, wrinkles, fading pigmentation, evens the tone of the dermis.

Features choice of sour cream

To cream for facial wrinkles brought only benefit, you need to learn how to choose this product. Sour cream from the store has a high acidity and lower percentage of fat. Home product is quite sweet and fatty. When choosing a specific means you need to consider the type of dermis.

In the winter time is to buy sour cream in the market. Due to the high fat content will be able to cope with the problem of dryness of the dermis, providing the skin moisture. In the summer it is recommended to use a lightweight cream from the store. This will help prevent pimples that can be caused by a high fat content.

It is not recommended to use home product to girls who have inflammation on the face. High fat will aggravate the condition of the epithelium. In such a situation, it is recommended to use low fat sour cream.

Women with oily type of dermis you should use the product in 5% concentration. For normal epidermis, apply the cream 5-20 % fat. Girls with dry epithelium is better to choose fatty foods.

Mulieres cum oleo genus dermis

Application features

To make sour cream from wrinkles brought maximum benefit, you should consider a number of features:

  • Before applying makeup you need to wash. You can also clean the skin with lotion.
  • The owner of oily dermis should use a product with a minimal percentage of fat. Girls with dry skin cream, suitable home.
  • Before applying on the face be sure to verify the freshness of the sour cream. You must also ensure that there are no harmful additives that could cause allergies.
  • Without additional ingredients can be applied every day or take a break for a day. If, however, the manufacture of masks used juices, honey, vegetables, better use of such a composition is not more than 2 times a week.
  • After completion of the course, which includes 10 masks, the dermis gets used to the composition. Because every 2 month's worth to change it.
  • Medium hold for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water. To use soap is not recommended.

Features choice ingredients

The mask of sour cream can be used women of all ages. They are suitable for all skin types. But it is very important to correctly choose the recipe:

  1. The owner of oily skin should be added to the composition of the juices of citrus fruits. Great additions will be egg yolk, oat or rice flour.
  2. For women with dry or fading skin should use honey, curd, bananas. The excellent effect of oil – castor or olive.
  3. If you want to achieve lightening of the dermis, the mask should also add some parsley juice.
  4. To repair the damage, and acne lesions, the composition is added infusions of herbs – chamomile and marigold. You can also use the juice and pulp of the aloe.

Effective recipes

Today there are many effective recipes that allow you to achieve excellent results. The composition of such masks can log on medicinal plants, lemon, honey, eggs. All this will enrich the tool and increase its rejuvenating effect.

Cum melle

With honey

A universal solution would be to mask out of sour cream and honey. It has a high performance and simple to prepare.

To obtain a useful product, simply mix the ingredients in equal parts.

In order to achieve not only rejuvenating, but also whitening effect, the composition is recommended to introduce a small spoon of fresh lemon juice.

With protein and lemon

The owner of oily and combination skin can choose a mask with egg white. You need to take a couple of big spoons of low fat sour cream to add protein and half a small spoon of lemon juice. Protein is first whipped to a state of foam.

Ready composition distribute over the face and décolleté. After 20 minutes, the skin will become more taut, pores become narrow, lost the Shine. The systematic application of the tools will be able to cope with pimples.

Cum vitellus et sucus

With the yolk and juice

An effective tool to combat wrinkles mask with egg yolk and juice – perfect Mandarin, Apple, pear, etc. Instead of fruit, you can apply berries.

The yolk contains many nutrients, and the juice makes tired skin more radiant. The sour cream and the juice should be taken in the same ratio.

With parsley

Cum apio

It is an effective mask and cream for face wrinkles under the eyes. For its manufacturing it is necessary to mix sour cream and fresh parsley. For a start the greens mashed to puree shaped state and mixed in equal parts with sour cream. Then gently applied to the skin.

Then you need to lie down and relax as much as possible. A quarter of an hour the mask is removed with wipes and wash my face. Finally, you apply the cream. Greens has a pronounced whitening effect. Because this tool will not only eliminate wrinkles, but cope with dark circles.

With blue clay

Reviews about the mask of sour cream for facial wrinkles confirm its pronounced lifting properties. To get this tool, you need to mix 15 g of clay and 20 g of sour cream. After that, add some vitamin E.

The finished composition applied to the dermis and to wait for curing of the clay. Rinse and apply moisturizer. This substance can be used daily. It will be the main method of maintaining youth and beauty of skin.

Harm and contraindications

To avoid unwanted effects, you need to use fresh sour cream, choosing a product with the features of the dermis. Adverse reactions occur in such cases:

  • The use of powdered cream;
  • Application of damaged product;
  • The excessive duration of the procedure;
  • Add ingredients that provoke allergies.

If after the application of a discomfort, it must be rinsed off immediately. Any home remedies it is forbidden to cause the appearance of open injuries on the face.