Rejuvenating serum for the face

Tired of searching for anti-aging agents, which usually ends up spending a lot of money and a complete lack of results? So, it's time to get acquainted with effective anti-aging serum! What is the composition, what is different, how to choose and many other interesting information you read here.

rejuvenating serum for the face

The concept of serum

Concentrated or energy drink with a high content of biologically active substances liquid consistency called serum. Compared to cream, the number of active components is increased in 2 times. The most important feature of this tool is the formula composition, which is almost completely absorbed by the skin cells.

Through this action anti-aging serum have an immediate effect on transforming the skin.

To start their application can be had from 25 years, as production of different types of serums, designed to meet the needs of the skin of any age group.

What's the difference

Many do not understand the difference between serum from normal cream or other cosmetic products, thinking that it is another marketing ploy or a Ruse cunning manufacturers have decided to increase soybean sales by launching an unknown product. In fact the differences do exist. They are as follows:

  • serum composition are the most concentrated emulsions, rejuvenating the rich variety of bioactive components;
  • their consistency is established in such a way that the active ingredients quickly penetrate deep into the structure of the skin, gradually solvens and performing the task;
  • the amount of preservatives they have a much lower in contrast to creams;
  • after the first application of this tool, you will see positive changes on their skin;
  • the flow of such funds is minimal as it is required to take a few drops;
  • the composition is enriched not only with vitamins, minerals and active acids, deductis the rejuvenation process in cells.

What they can do

the effect of the serum

Choose these formulations not according to the type of the epidermis, and, depending on existing skin problems, which need to be addressed. Anti-aging serum is capable of:

  • significantly rejuvenate the epidermis, improving its quality and appearance;
  • significantly deflectens and tighten aging skin, perdidit elasticity;
  • smooth fine to medium-depth wrinkles, age creases, due to the high concentration of active ingredients;
  • to get rid of pigmentation and whiten the skin surface;
  • to suppress inflammatory responses;
  • to strengthen small blood vessels and capillaries;
  • to eliminate dryness and feeling of tightening;
  • enhance the vitality and local immunity of the epidermis.

General guidelines

Cosmetologists are advised to adopt the following tips:

  • choose a tool based on your skin problems that need correction. It is wrong to choose a serum according to the type of the epidermis, ignoring its defects;
  • many manufacturers indicate the age range on the packaging, which is easier to navigate, making a purchase;
  • due to the high concentration of active substances, these compounds can cause allergic reactions, therefore, require a preliminary test of the sample on the skin in the wrist;
  • your purchase will be useful if you take it after consulting your esthetician or dermatologist;
  • carefully study the composition, depending on the time of year, that is lighter compounds is preferable for the warm seasons, and tight – for cold periods.
  • apply the emulsion in small amounts (dropwise), and only after thoroughly cleansing the skin surface. After 20 minutes on the skin, you can apply a thin layer daily care cream.

Rejuvenating serum can be applied morning and evening, because the differentiation at the time of application they have not.

How to apply

The serum is applied exclusively on clean skin of the face with respect to the direction of the main massage lines, both in the morning and evening. In the morning this cleansing can be replaced by wiping the skin with a tonic, and in the evening you will have to spend more time to remove makeup and accumulated daily dirt.

The serum is applied immediately after the peel will have the maximum effect because the epidermis is devoid of dead stratum corneum, check a certain part of the composition on the surface.

how to apply

Read the following rules applying:

  • massage the serum with light massage movements, starting from the middle of the frontal area, gradually moving towards the temporal region, then treat the area of the cheeks from the center to the aural shells, then nose, chin and neck.
  • Beauticians recommend the use of cosmetic lines of the same manufacturer, because they often complement and enrich each other and contribute to obtaining a more pronounced anti-aging effect.
  • This remedy is recommended to take the course that involves daily use for 3 months, then you need to take a break or to replace the manufacturer.
  • It is not necessary to exceed a dosage so as not to oversaturate the skin active ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Each bottle of this serum is specially equipped with a dispenser or a pipette, providing a fence the required amount of funds (approximately 3 to 4 drops).
  • Always before use, carefully read the instructions to the drug, as some manufacturers suggest thoroughly RUB the compound into the epidermis.
  • If you use the serum and the cream, be sure to observe the interval between application of these two drugs, which on average lasts about 5 – 10 minutes.
  • More than 2 times during the day you should not use this rejuvenating serum. During the year, allowed no more than 4 courses, among which must be complied with mandatory break the skin a rest and not used to the same composition.
  • Allowed to apply several active serums, but they should be applied to different areas of the face. Do it best, after consultation and agreement with your beautician.


Any cosmetic product implies the strict observance of all requirements of the manufacturer, therefore:

  • for the age of skin is not suitable serum designed for young epidermis;
  • only regular use provides a strong rejuvenating effect;
  • in the presence of papillomas and vascular network to apply such serum is not recommended because they will receive the maximum number of active nutrients that stimulate their growth and increase in size;
  • if you have dark skin and you do not want to change its color, it is best to not use the serum, as it has a bleaching effect;
  • serum designed to improve and restore the oval and the contours of the face do not advise to use early 35 years.
benefits serum

What is the advantage of serum for the face?

Compared to other moisturizing products (e.g. cream), whey is better absorbed. Sometimes it only takes one time to improve the complexion and give the skin. This is due to the fact that the high serum content of active components (hyaluronic acid and vitamins), other substances help these two penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Any moisturizer will "lose" the serum content of active substances.

However, this tool is not a panacea for all skin problems. Nor does it exclude the use of means of daily care.

The second important advantage of serum is the minimum content of preservatives in the composition. Opened vial is used for 2-3 days.

If you look in the mirror and not too happy appearance, a hand and "itch" once to fix it your way – serum for face. On how concentrate restores the skin, how to choose a tool that is guaranteed will solve your problem, and about the secrets of the proper use — read on.

As restores the skin serum?

  • Moisturizes all layers of skin down to the dermis.
  • Inebriat it with vitamins.
  • Strengthens weak blood vessels.
  • Gives a healthy complexion.
  • Removes the inflamed pimples.
  • Has a bleaching effect.
  • Protects the skin from negative environmental influences.

How to choose a serum for the face?

Cosmetic, a favorite of most women, serum for the face. Reviews about various products is highly controversial and different. But still try to figure out what makeup to prefer.

Before buying any cosmetic, you need to clearly understand what result you want to achieve.

Let's say your problem is dark circles under the eyes against the light face. In this case, it is advisable to buy a specific serum for the skin around the eyes. By the way, among women particularly popular is whitening serum for the face: the reviews say that the problem will be solved in just two or three applications.

An important aspect when choosing a cosmetic product is, how old you are. In the instructions for the serum be sure to say what age it is intended.

seasonal use of serum

Seasonality is another factor that you should look for when buying tools. In the winter-spring period, give preference to means oil-based. Also in the cold season, try to minimize the use of antiseptic cosmetics: it may dry up the skin. Summer and fall safely purchase the serum is water-based.

To all women we advise you to consult a beautician before choosing this cosmetics.

Generally, if you have good skin, and you are under 30, meaning the anti-aging serums no. So try to conduct a correct way of life is significantly prolong the time until your first visit to the beautician.