Japanese rejuvenating face massage Asahi from Yuuko Tanaka (Zogan)

Yuuko Tanaka is a name known to millions of women worldwide. Tanaka is Japanese, which is taught to women by a facial massage to rejuvenate. Great beautician and stylist Yuuko has developed a technique of Japanese anti-aging massage called Zogan. In its 60 years, the stylist looked a maximum of 40. Many ladies this massage also known as massage Asahi.

massage Japanese Asahi

The history of

Massage skills Yuuko Tanaka had received from his grandmother. But to perfection, by examining the relationship between skin and muscles, lymph glands and bones, brought it beautician itself. In 2007, Tanaka has become a writer, which gave women the book called "face Massage". The book is a real cure-all ladies in the fight against wrinkles and other problems of facial contours.

The essence of Japanese massage is effect on the skin, muscles and bones of the skull through the area where lymph nodes are located. The result is the outflow of lymph from the face, allowing toxins, strengthen muscles. This helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin colour, finding the oval face, clear contours.

In addition, the problem of most ladies – a double chin. And suffering from swelling of the face, forget about the signs of facial aging.

Massage Asahi is carried out by applying a small force. But it does not mean that its performance should make a lot of effort. You only need to put a little pressure on the face. Especially carefully it should be carried out in the area of the lymph nodes. During the massage, the woman should not feel pain. Such discomfort is a signal that the massage technique is carried out with violations.

Zogan is not the only exposure to skin that was invented in Japan. Interest many women also causes facial massage technique Shiatsu massage technique Kobido. which favourably affect the face.


Like all types of Zogan massage has contraindications:

  1. Diseases of the lymphatic system.
  2. Diseases of ENT-organs.
  3. Rosacea.
  4. Colds.
  5. Rashes on the skin.

It is also important to know that when you perform this massage, it is likely weight loss person. Girls who have a face so thin, sunken cheeks need to treat this procedure with all responsibility and attentiveness. Better for them to massage only the upper part of the face.

If for any reason you are hesitant to try this type of massage, you can pay attention to other not less effective, for example, massage of the face snails, cryomassage of the face and others. In addition to skin tone extremely beneficial effect exercises for rejuvenation of the face and neck.

Japanese rejuvenating face massage indications


Indications for carrying out of massage of Asahi are:

  1. Prevention of appearance of fine lines.
  2. Keeping the tone of the skin.
  3. The appearance of double chin.
  4. The appearance of swelling in the face.
  5. Excess subcutaneous fat.

When performing massage Zogan is important not to forget about age:

  • 20-year-old girls the basis of the procedure – neutral techniques. Their goal is to maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the facial skin.
  • 30-year-old women, this massage will help to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • 40-summer women have got to focus on getting rid of facial wrinkles, wrinkles of the nasolabial folds. To pay attention to the lower face, chin, cheeks.
  • The 50-year and 60-year old ladies need to concentrate on lifting the cheeks and muscles of the chin.

Basic principles

Before performing Japanese massage Yuuko Tanaka mandatory calls for the cleansing of facial skin. If on the face apply makeup, it should be washed. You can then use a light scrub, store-bought or made by yourself. Wet a face cloth or towel. And the most important touch – the butter or cream. On the face, be sure to apply or cream, or almond (linseed, apricot kernel) oil. By the way, besides helping massage almond oil itself has anti-aging properties. Hands should easily glide over the skin. Before you begin the massage Zogan face, you need to prepare rubbing, arbitrary movements.

The basic principle of massage Asahi – effects on the lymph nodes. It is therefore essential to know their location: the parotid, ear, occipital, mandibular, hyoid and hyoid, front of the neck.

When performing the massage should consider the following points:

  1. Strict movement in a certain direction depending on the specific exercise.
  2. To perform the massage of the forehead should be three fingers – index, middle and ring. Massage around the eyes required one finger. Cheeks massage with your palm or with your thumbs.
  3. Finger movements have to be intense. But not to hurt. Pain is a sign of improper procedure.
  4. At the time of the massage zones of the lymph system, the pressure on the skin should be slightly reduced.
  5. Massage it is important to, while maintaining a flat posture. This can be done standing or sitting. If neither sit nor stand is not possible, then you should go on a flat surface. Although this position perform massage difficult.
  6. Each exercise massage should end mandatory final movement.
Japanese rejuvenating face massage technique

The final movement is the beginning and end of each particular exercise. You need pads or the entire length of an unnamed, middle and index fingers of both hands lightly press down on the parotid lymph nodes. Pressure need 2 seconds. In the same rhythm his fingers down along the lateral contour of the face down the neck and to the collarbone. These actions stimulate the lymph flow from the tissues of the face.

The procedure should be at least 7 minutes, maximum 20 minutes. Massage technique is good for daily use. Massage is recommended daily.

Massage technique

Basic motion

Every massage movement should end with the base. In order for it to be done with fingertips to hold down both sides of the cheeks, starting near the ears and slowly sink up to the neck, and then collarbone. This movement must be repeated three times.

Technique eliminate puffiness under eyes

The pads of the middle fingers of both hands to smoothly slide from the outer corners to the inner eye. On the bridge to make a 2 seconds pause. To continue on in a circular motion just below the eyebrows. At the outer corners of the eyes to pause for 3 seconds. Slightly loosening the pressure, to return to the inner corners of the lower eyelid. Then, having increased the pressure to return to the outer corners of the eyes. To put a little pressure on the temporal lobe. The final touch – the final movement.

The technique of smoothing of the forehead

Three working fingers to apply the pads to the middle of the forehead for 3 seconds. Without reducing the pressure in zigzag motion gently move them to temples. To make the hands turn 90 degrees to complete the final movement.

Lifting of the corners of the lips

Two fingers – the ring and middle gently push on the middle of the chin. Gradually move your fingers up, making a circle around the lips. When he reached the middle of the upper lip to stay for 4 seconds.

The technique of smoothing nasolabial folds

The middle fingers of both hands put on both sides of the nose wings. Make 5 circular motions up and down, up and down. Then two fingers – middle and ring – to make a motion to the cheeks. Final touch – final movement.

 Japanese massage for the skin

Technique of the prevention of sagging cheeks

Three working finger to press on the middle of the chin. Skirting her lips, to flick to the outer corners of the eyes. Pause 3 seconds, then gently bring fingers to temples. Final movement.

Technique the toning of the cheeks and lower face

Massage movements are performed first on one part of the face, then the other. The middle of the palm of the left hand should rest on left jaw. At this time your right hand from the angle of the mandible to go to the inner corner of the eye. Pause for 3 seconds. Then move to the temple along the lower eyelid. Down on the floor. Final movement. The procedure is repeated for each half of the face 3 times.

The technique of enhancing the cheeks

Three working fingers to the middle of the nose, to make a motion to the temples. Final movement.

The technique of prevention of sagging cheeks

To put your elbows and palms. To open up my hands and put it to his lips. Then raise the nostrils, cover her cheeks. Pause for 3 seconds. Then separate the palms to the temporal areas. Final movement.

The technique of eliminating a double chin

With one hand to touch the middle part of the chin. Pushing to move to the tragus of the ear. Final movement.

The technique of smoothing A-zone

Under the chin to place your thumbs. Other fingers touch the side walls of the nose. With an effort to stretch the skin. Pause for 3 seconds. Final movement.

If all movements are carried out correctly, a beautiful, young face without wrinkles is a proof of that, for good reason, this procedure is often called "facial massage minus 10 years."

Otherwise, if after the procedure, the skin is drooped – this is a sign that the machinery is not used correctly. Namely, without the right amount of oil or cream. Also, if the movement of the hands is not in the lymph nodes may stretch the skin, sagging of the cheeks. It is important, very strictly to perform the technique of the procedure.