Plasma rejuvenation

Plasma rejuvenation is a hardware procedure which is absolutely painless and effective. It is aimed at restoration of the skin, getting rid of wrinkles and other imperfections like stretch marks, postpartum belly, etc.

plasma rejuvenation

What is this technique

To achieve the effect of beautician uses a special device. In the process between the nozzle device and the skin (between them) formed by the ionized electric arc. It affects the tissue in such a way as to stimulate the process of active cell regeneration. Collagen fibers due to high temperatures lose their ability to stretch.

Important difference between plasma apparatus for rejuvenation of the so-called lasers is that it damages the tissue, but prevents their combustion. So that ruled out the formation of open wounds, which is many times increase the risk of infection, the appearance of scars, age spots and other unpleasant consequences.

No incisions, injections or injection is not expected. Devices that are used, are characterized by precision, safety, possibility of detailed settings for each client. As examples of such equipment can be called brand "Plasma Ship" (from her and went common the name of the technique), the "beauty of the monster," the Plasma Pencil, Plasma Zan (with a spherical tip).

Indications for use

Procedure plasma rejuvenation is indicated if there is:

  • Wrinkles of varying severity. This crease between the eyebrows and nasolabial folds, crow's feet, creases around your lips, wrinkles on forehead etc. the Technique allows to achieve a younger, even with pronounced age-related changes.
  • Bags under the eyes, the overhang of the upper eyelid, and loss of skin tone.
  • Defects of different origin. Stretch marks, moles, warts, age spots — all relates to the readings.

Is it possible to do the procedure at home

Because the plasma rejuvenation is attributable to trauma to tissues, self-use devices is not recommended. The apparatus for this method is designed for use by professionals. Moreover, it is not enough to be just a beautician, one must undergo training for this technique not to harm the client.

Please note! Home use of the device is possible only in case if the service is provided invited expert with appropriate qualification. Tampering with the device will lead to more skin problems than had been observed before.

preparations for plasma rejuvenation

How to prepare for plasma rejuvenation

The training provided is minimal. You only need to give up a few things, namely:

  • Tanning and prolonged sun exposure. Fresh tan — this is also damage of the epidermis. It will strengthen the impact of the machine where it is not necessary.
  • The use of scrubs, peels and other strong cosmetics, in violation of the skin in the least.
  • Experiments with any cosmetic and other products, which are potential allergens.

A special diet and other serious restrictions are not required.

Stages of the plasma rejuvenation

Before the session, the beautician is required to offer advice. Each case requires an individual approach. Need to find out the indications, contraindications, define the scope of work and areas requiring correction.

The practical part consists of several stages:

  • Cleansing of the skin. It is delicate, safe vehicles, not irritating the epidermis.
  • The application of the ointment with an analgesic effect.
  • The impact point for the selected parcels. Processing occurs sequentially, at one point the beautician holds no more than seconds. The process takes 15-30 minutes is a specific time set by the master, given the characteristics of the problem and its scope.

Please note! Painful sensations are not, but the client, who makes plasma rejuvenation, feels the heat from the device.

How is the healing, care recommendations

No matter how safe or plasma method, it involves the injury of skin cells. After a session you may experience redness, swelling. Place treatment look like dots — they are covered with small crusts. All that is necessary to wait and endure. The scabs will fall off within a maximum 10 days (this often happens). Redness and swelling too, kept a few days — but if the symptoms, you should contact the beautician again and ask additional questions.

Proper care in the process of recovery is one of the conditions allowing to obtain a good result without complications. The treated area can not be wetted, smear any makeup, to steam — these rules hold for 5 days. While in the shower, it is necessary to ensure that the skin after laser did not get even a pair.

Attention! Sun protection should be of the highest quality and long. Within three months after a visit to a cosmetologist will need to use a cream with SPF50. To protect your eyes fit sunglasses — they must be purchased in the optical store and have sunscreens. It is not recommended to use just sunglasses without filters — this will increase the undesirable effects of the sun.

Giving the skin a youthful appearance in this way should abstain from other cosmetic procedures like injections. They are possible on average 45 days after plasma facial rejuvenation. But if it is not strictly necessary, you should withstand over a long period: 2-3 months.

the effect of plasma rejuvenation

How many sessions are needed to obtain the effect

The first results are visible instantly. And here is a possible view of clients achieving different. Someone enough 1-2 sessions, while more serious problems require 5-6 visits to the beautician. The break between sets is pretty long, about three weeks. It is needed for skin healing, recovery.

Feature of cosmetic services that increases gradually. This is due to the fact that the method starts the regeneration of tissues, and it continues long after the session. Pic rejuvenation is observed on the third or fourth month after a full course. And it is possible to save up to two years, depending on the individual characteristics and specifics of the issue.

Contraindications and unwanted effects

Contraindications include the following:

  • Allergy manifested by rash, swelling.
  • Injury, inflammation, and purulent discharge on the skin that you want to process.
  • Cancer of any kind. For the body can be dangerous and with little stress.
  • Diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver, kidneys, respiratory system, endocrine system, epilepsy.
  • Pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation. During hormonal surges in the body can react to the impact in unexpected ways. One of these reactions — immunity to the active agent. As a result, the effect of plasma rejuvenation is simply not manifested, and the woman is just wasting money.
  • The client has a pacemaker, metallic implants and devices that can respond to the action of the current. Piercing with areas of the treatment also must be removed.
  • The recent holding of such cosmetic procedures, as the introduction of fillers or aggressive peels. After them before the session should take at least three weeks.

Possible negative effects of plasma exposure

The negative effects may be the insufficient qualifications of the master, sloppy work performance, as well as ignorance of contraindications. The skin may appear bruises, severe burns. Sometimes appear and pigmented spots. The way to avoid such a reaction only to turn to the masters with a good reputation and a great portfolio.

Attention! As in any other case, when plasma rejuvenation may show the individual reaction of the organism, independent of the beautician. Any discomfort and strange sensations need to see a doctor.

Plasma rejuvenation: the advantages

Here are the advantages of a technique which really rejuvenates:

  • Painless and quick healing. But it is important to consider the recommendations of a cosmetologist.
  • The absence of scars and other defects after recovery. The man just looks much younger or getting rid of defects, no signs of tampering remains.
  • The possibility of point of impact — master does not hurt the skin, which do not need processing.
  • High (at the level of surgical intervention) efficiency at a low cost. In this case, talking about the price compared to plastic.
  • The presence of the immediate and cumulative effects.
  • The ability to keep the result up to two years, which for many services in the field of beauty is an unattainable level.
the pros and cons of plasma rejuvenation

Cons of plasma facial rejuvenation

The disadvantages of the procedure include the following:

  • Many contraindications. They occur in a large number of people.
  • The risk of complications — it is not so high, but to discard this danger is impossible.
  • Strict rules of care in the rehabilitation process.
  • The high cost of a comprehensive solution. If you need to handle a few sites, the price will please not always.

Now plasma rejuvenation is one of the most effective and safe ways to rejuvenate your skin for 5-10 years without the help of a plastic surgeon. For those who are opposed to serious interference with anesthesia, it is a good choice. The method is highly valued by customers and specialists, but it requires careful adherence to the rules. In the absence of contraindications it is definitely worth the attention of people who want to significantly improve your appearance.