Facial rejuvenation in salon: cosmetology and injections "beauty"

Women always unpleasant to observe age-related changes on the face: wrinkles, sagging skin, a vague outline of the face, spider veins. Everyone wants to look young and have smooth skin. In the publication let's talk about ways to rejuvenate the skin in the cabin, a detailed look at hardware and injection methods of modern cosmetology.

rejuvenation of the skin

Age-related changes of the skin

The cell renewal process is different from the one that was in the early years, now the update has been going for 70 days or even longer. The epidermis is much thicker and becomes loose, which leads to dry skin and healthy complexion.

The main signs of decay and aging are very dry, thin skin, wrinkles in the forehead zone, nose, eyes, spider veins, sagging, porosity of the epidermis, swelling under the eyes, deformation of facial contours, the loss of clear contours. On this basis, the care must be intended to restore the lipid layer and elasticity of the skin.

In adulthood, the stages of care remain the same and include proper and adequate cleansing, apply tonic, the use of moisturizing, nourishing and protective creams. Just keep in mind that all funds must be matched with the skin type and age changes.

Basic rules of care

Before you go to the beautician to rejuvenate the skin, you need to learn how to properly care for them. If the skin does not get constant proper care, salon treatments will help not for long or are not effective. We are talking about the daily procedures of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin.

The initial step is cleansing, which includes regular face washing and makeup removal. For washing it is better to avoid ordinary tap water, using at least boiled, filtered, mineral or spring better. Cleanser need gels, foams, mousses. If you want additionally to remove the top layer of the epidermis, use a cellulose sponge, which is applied to the tool and churn it. If a woman has dry skin type, it is best to switch to waterless washing, cleaning the face with special milk.

Toning is a step that aims to remove any previously deposited funds and balance PH environment. Properly selected tonic will help to eliminate such problems with the skin like dryness, peeling, inflammation, irritation and increased sensitivity. Also the components included in this tonic help to future funds to better penetrate the epidermis, restoring it. Preference should be given to means which do not include alcohol. Instead of tonic at home can be used decoctions of various herbs: sage, calendula, chamomile, herbal teas black or green tea.

The next step is application of the cream, which should be intensively moisturize, have a pronounced lifting effect, however, not to overload the skin and prepare it for makeup application. Cream for night application should be nutritious, regenerating the lipid layer of the skin. As additional funds beauticians suggest after toning, but before applying the cream, use different types of serums, which are aimed at fighting wrinkles and other age-related changes of the epidermis.

During periods of high solar activity it is necessary to choose creams with SPF factor of at least 30. Care of skin after summer should include a very moisturizer that will help to restore moisture balance and remove the irritation after exposure to sunlight.

We should not forget about the cream around the eye area. The tool should be sufficiently nourishing to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and smooth out existing ones.

Every woman knows that you need to carefully watch not only for face but also for neck and neck, because skin in these areas first gives age, so all the creams, serums and masks should be applied not only on the face.

hardware cosmetology

Hardware cosmetology

Recipes for facial rejuvenation are different. Someone trusted folk remedies natural organic cosmetics, and someone can not imagine my life without treatments. The following is the information about the varieties of such means of rejuvenation.

Laser treatments

Laser cosmetologists is called luminous flux of high power, which penetrates into the skin without injury and negative body effects. There are several options for laser treatments.

The fractional method. This procedure assumes that the exposure is divided into a large number of laser beams to the skin. During fractional rejuvenation effect is achieved due to the laser "grid", which penetrates deeply into the dermis and triggers its regeneration and collagen production. Using fractional method, it is possible to achieve these results:

  • strengthening and rehabilitation of tissues of the skin;
  • eliminating pigmentation;
  • fresh appearance of the skin.

The advantage of this method is that it allows to rejuvenate the skin without anesthesia, affecting a large area of skin.

Method of resurfacing laser. Rejuvenation and laser resurfacing of the facial skin affecting the upper layers. The old dead cells that complicate the processes of respiration of other cells, is removed during this procedure. By grinding you can achieve the following results:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • the restoration of normal metabolism in the epidermis;
  • the renewal of the cells;
  • smooth complexion;
  • more elastic skin.

This method is painless, but effective, and its main advantage is the ability to do without surgery, and hence the probable complications.

Photorejuvenation of facial skin. This action on the skin surface by the intense pulse of light. This method can be called the most gentle and quick. After the procedure, you will get the following results:

  • cleansing the pores and eliminating acne;
  • tissue repair of the skin;
  • eliminating pigmentation;
  • smoothing out the bumps and wrinkles;
  • strengthening effect on the skin and production of collagen and elastin.

Thermage. For a deep impact and a quick course for rejuvenation among other methods stands out Thermage. This rejuvenating treatment during which the skin surface affected by the radiation of radio frequencies, whereby its temperature rises and the cells begin to synthesize collagen.

In this way there are no special contraindications, after it no trace remains. Specialists perform the procedure using special machines and a different name is considered to be "radio lift".

Rejuvenation ELOS. This is a relatively new, but popular method, which eliminates the need for plastic surgery. The procedure is based on simultaneous action on the skin surface the light pulse and high-frequency current. The apparatus at the beautician operates at a certain temperature level, in addition, uses a special applicator. You will not feel anything during ELOS-rejuvenation, except for a small tingling.

methods of rejuvenation

Method quantum rejuvenation

For a rejuvenating effect on the skin functions of quantum energy. As a result, aktiviziruyutsya various processes, among which the production of elastin and collagen fibers. Quantum rejuvenation of the skin helps to eliminate acne and other skin diseases. Using quantum rejuvenation you can achieve these results:

  • tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles;
  • align the complexion;
  • to strengthen blood vessels and correct vascular structure;
  • to remove acne and post-acne, acne;
  • to achieve clean and tighten pores, normalize sebum;
  • to remove pigmentation.

This procedure has a number of contraindications, so before you decide to carry it out, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Injection with anti-aging effect

Often the means of facial rejuvenation injections and various injections include the following ingredients:

  • Botox to block the facial muscles;
  • hyaluronic acid for the preservation of the skin.

Injections do not require additional preparation for the procedure, and a large amount of time.


For safe facial rejuvenation without surgery for several years, often used method of mesotherapy. It is an injection under the skin in small doses, vitamin complex and natural components. Useful substances in the composition of the injection may be the following:

  • acid organic nature;
  • vitamins (in the composition include Biotin, thiamin, vitamin C, etc.);
  • elastin and collagen;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • the cells of the connective tissue.

In all specific situations, the means for subcutaneous injection selected individually. Mesotherapy is useful in order to resolve folds of fat like double chin, and tighten the skin.

the types of rejuvenation

Rejuvenation with ozone

If you have certain skin problems, multi-care includes not just the use of cosmetic products, but also carrying out cosmetic procedures. Ozone treatment is the use of specified substances for anti aging skin from lack of oxygen. It allows to rejuvenate the skin, saturating it with moisture and nutrients. Using this procedure, you can achieve the following results:

  • stimulation of the metabolism;
  • normalization of blood circulation;
  • update of subcutaneous fat;
  • the face of;
  • smoothing of irregularities, including wrinkles;
  • eliminate dead cells.

Ozone is introduced for the treatment of the skin in the form of injections in the problem area, where after the procedure updates the content of the cells.


Another effective procedure for Mature women as biorevitalization, which is an injection under the skin hyaluronic acid. Injections of this substance aimed at stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. After the procedure increases the tone, reduces wrinkles, visible rejuvenation effect.


In addition to hardware-based cosmetology and "beauty shots" for the comprehensive care of skin, almost all women use cosmetic products with a rejuvenating effect in the form of various serums, creams and homemade masks and various kinds of facial massage. In addition, not be amiss to review your diet, because it depends on the condition of our skin, and also not to forget about physical exercises and fresh air.

With the help of hardware and injection methods of correction of the diet, homemade masks, use of quality cosmetics can permanently maintain a young and healthy looking skin. As a result of such procedures clean pores, wrinkles, restored complexion, the skin becomes smooth, smooth and elastic.