Laser facial rejuvenation: what is the procedure? The pros and cons

Today I will tell you about laser facial rejuvenation. So what is this process and whether to agree to it, or look for more safe methods to combat age-related changes? What is more useful for our skin: profound intervention with spot-burns, or massage and exercise techniques? Is it possible to safely and securely rejuvenate face with laser treatment?

Since then, as the laser beam from fiction passed into everyday life, he found a multitude of applications. Cosmetology is also not left behind. Let's be honest, sometimes it is necessary and imperfections such as acne, without it is very difficult to remove. But laser facial rejuvenation — the procedure is difficult and she, like any surgical intervention, there are a number of contraindications.

laser facial rejuvenation

It promises the procedure of laser resurfacing

The advantages of this method usually put the following items:

  • getting rid of scars, nodules from acne;
  • smoothing out wrinkles and folds;
  • combating excessive pigmentation;
  • the contour;
  • reducing bags from under the eyes;
  • leveling the surface of the epidermis.

All these components are designed to create for us a "new face", without obvious age-related changes. You do not need pharmaceutical drugs, injections and NIPs and tucks.

What is the complexity of the operation

The doctor, which conducts a laser facial rejuvenation must be highly skilled to operate the machine. It is necessary to determine and take into account:

  • the thickness of the skin;
  • sensitivity;
  • the area of influence;
  • the nature of the problem;
  • the patient's wishes.

For example, to get rid of wrinkles, it is necessary to spend several consecutive procedures. If done incorrectly, can cause burns and other problems associated with high temperature.

As it happens

High temperature spot beam burns the dead cells of the dermis together with a healthy, but unwanted in a particular area. Then the skin is restored either naturally or with the use of cosmetics.

At the moment this method is considered the most stringent in its effects, but its call, as an alternative to operating the lift and injection of botulinum toxin and other harmful substances. Numerous pictures and photos on the net show the happy women who were able to "rejuvenate" with a laser.

What are the different types of laser facial rejuvenation

To most developed are:

the types of rejuvenating laser
  1. Fractional ablative. This type of exposure involves the elimination of isolated small defects. The doctor acts dot laser.
  2. Biorevitalization. This combination of high temperature exposure with a simultaneous treatment of the skin with a special composition, which nourishes and moisturizes, provides nutrients, and peptides. A skilled manipulator using this method you can remove even deep wrinkles and old scars. Rejection upper layers of the epidermis stimulates division of cells, collagen production and giving the updated cover is more elastic.
  3. Not an ablative procedure. When it uses long laser beams and eliminates deep scars from acne, age spots. Usually processed the entire front surface.
  4. Grinding. With the help of special lasers made an impact only on the surface of the skin, pulls the contour.
  5. Full fractional rejuvenation. This is the most frequently proposed procedure in which the effects of shallow, but solved complex problems associated with aging.
  6. Treatment of the skin around the eyes. The most complex and accurate method, because in this region our skin is particularly sensitive and can cause irreversible damage much easier. Usually applied fractional photothermolysis, in which the work is to remove the microscopic sections of the dermis and stimulation recovery.

The procedure will carry out you, should decide cosmetologist to which you refer. But remember: your safety depends on his skills and practice

Laser facial rejuvenation: indications and contraindications


The advantages of this type of impact usually will include:

  • the impact point does not leave visible scars;
  • already after 3-4 days, the skin should bounce back;
  • there is the possibility of applying the procedure directly to a large area;
  • does not require any pain medications, because in addition to slight tingling, you will not feel anything;
  • few side effects;
  • you can work on difficult areas in the neck and eye sockets.

Indications for the procedure may be:

  • natural aging;
  • increased pigmentation;
  • the disease demodicosis;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • the defects that remain after acne;
  • the uneven color of the surface of the dermis;
  • low tone;
  • visibly enlarged pores.

You can also remove the spider veins and give a more fresh look.

the pros and cons of the method


These include the probability of the occurrence of side effects. Despite the fact that they do not threaten life and inner health, they also need to fight, following the instructions of the doctor. These include:

  • red spots on the treated area;
  • itching;
  • herpes infection nature;
  • intense peeling;
  • scabs;
  • suppuration in the case that third party will get an infection.

If you are taking hormonal drugs or you have a tendency to appearance of colloid scars — it is necessary to inform us in advance

Absolute contraindications to the use of this method will be:

  • the inflammatory process within the boundaries of the laser application;
  • diseases such as herpes, psoriasis, presence of diagnosed dermatitis of any etiology;
  • precancerous condition, a predisposition to tumors;
  • disease of blood clotting;
  • autoimmune disease;
  • diabetes, hypertension, ischemia;
  • varicose veins in any part of the body;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby;
  • taking drugs that increase sensitivity to ultraviolet exposure;
  • nervous and mental disease;
  • the tendency for colloidal scars;
  • vitiligo have you or your family.

As you can see, the list is quite impressive and it is clear that the procedure is not safe and can cause significant harm, like any profound impact.

Please keep in mind that if you agreed to laser facial rejuvenation and the procedure conducted in the first few days, do not:

  • sunbathing;
  • visit bath and sauna;
  • activities swimming;
  • to massage;
  • to do peeling;
  • to take antibiotics;
  • exercise;
  • out on the street.

Even at observance of all these rules, there remains the risk that the treated area will start the inflammation and you will have to use special means for removing the swelling and healing of thermal burns.

laser rejuvenation


Among the many ways to improve the appearance of the data is more exotic than a laser facial rejuvenation. For example, without operating include acupuncture, cleansing with the help of fish, ELOS and leveling of the epidermis snails. We are happy to agree to the exotic just to look better.

There are cheaper in terms of money, not so quick visible results, as we promised from the laser treatment. But they are much safer and not as traumatic, besides, applicable in the home.

I have carefully selected and tested every technique that enter into the complex. Yes, the first changes you will see only after two weeks of daily classes. But every woman can find five minutes a day to sit quietly in front of the mirror and to do some useful exercises. The main thing is not just to mimic, which leads to escalation of defects, and thoughtful course to improve circulation and tone.

I'm sure you can easily with it mastered and you'll like the results.