Essential oils for facial rejuvenation

Where to find a quick way to rejuvenate? - Leave this question to the heroes of fairy tales. And do think that such young skin. This is a skin without wrinkles, creases and drooping, elastic, has a smooth tone, fresh glow and the lack of pigmentation. Needless to say about the importance for healthy skin adequate sleep, nutrition, sports, walks in the fresh air, lack of stress and negative emotions. The skin responds to hormones, and he, in turn, depends on the factors listed above. However, the use of natural fragrant cosmetics should not be discounted.

oil for rejuvenation

5 oils for youthful skin

  • Essential oils of Helichrysum, and lemongrass. According to the lab these oils top the list for stimulating the production of collagen of different types. Helichrysum also effective against rosacea, anti-inflammatory effect. And lemongrass are able to bring lemony nuances in the aromatic composition.
  • Essential oil of frankincense. Cult butter stimulates the production of new cells, protecting the skin from damage, firms the oval of the face. It was studied the oil of frankincense with a pre-triggered inflammation in human skin fibroblasts, were analyzed 17 major protein biomarkers associated with inflammation and tissue modeling. Frankincense reduced the growth of inflamed tissue, inhibited the formation of collagen. The oil has a positive effect on many signaling pathways that are associated with inflammation, immune response and tissue repair.
  • Essential oil of carrot seeds. In the world of anti-aging carrot is known for its ability to enhance cell regeneration and stimulate collagen production. Due to the high content curatola exhibits antioxidant activity. There is one thing: a specific smell. Therefore, use in a mixture with citrus, essential oils of lavender, geranium. The oil is photo toxic, do not use in the summer or just for a night and a day use a sunscreen. Carrot is also used against pigmentation.
  • Essential oil of geranium. Female oil that are beneficial for health. It stabilizes hormones, which affects the health and beauty of women. For local use increases collagen production, promotes cell regeneration.

Pigmentation and whitening

  • Essential oil viroli. It has a proven effect on pigment spots by inhibiting tyrosinase, which reduces melanin synthesis. Presumably this effect is due to the action of bisabolol, the content of which reaches 90% in this oil. With regular spot applied to problem areas in the pure form of Virol helps to improve the situation.
  • Essential oil of lemon. Remarkably whitens the skin, improves the permeability to other assets. However, we must remember that citrus fruits are photo toxic. So use this oil with care, especially during the day time and warm period of the year.
face oil

Rosacea and recovery

In the study (Han X, et al. Biochim Open. 2017) evaluated the effects of 10 essential oils to inflamed human skin cells (fibroblasts) and measured the level of proteins that are critical for inflammation. The experiment was presented oil: bergamot, coriander, geranium, Helichrysum, patchouli, sandalwood, spikenard, and ylang-ylang. The tenth was a mixture of oils under the trade name "Immortel", which includes frankincense, Hawaiian sandalwood, Helichrysum, lavender, myrrh, rose. All the studied oil reduced tissue growth. Bergamot, coriander and nard showed anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Helichrysum, ylang and a blend of oils "Immortel" show properties of healing wounds, which is consistent with the existing data for these oils on other models and allows to predict their use in the treatment of skin diseases.

Ruddy color of the face depends on the integrity of capillaries and good supply the skin with oxygen. It is therefore important to pay attention to the improvement of microcirculation, and strengthen the small blood vessels. This will help the oil extract of Arnica Montana, WITH2-horse chestnut extract, hemp oil and green coffee. Of essential oils this ability to have lime, lemon, cypress, Helichrysum, pistachio (with rosacea locally).

To increase the elasticity of the skin: sandalwood, rose, mint, frankincense, myrrh, pine, nutmeg, fennel, lemongrass, Helichrysum.
Using these oils, you will look fresher and younger. Moreover, pleasant scents improve mood. A smile and interest in life only accentuate the vivacity of spirit and body. Be beautiful!