Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint occurs in every fifth European. According to experts, only 40 percent of cases of degenerative arthrosis arthritis are a consequence of aging. In the remaining 60 percent, this is due to overload, injuries and physical inactivity. Thus, knee diseases are the price we pay for our lifestyle.

Degenerative changes in the knee joints (arthrosis and arthritis) develop slowly and gradually progress, destroying the cartilage. At the same time, there are several forms of this disease. So, post-traumatic arthrosis arthritis appears after all kinds of knee injuries, such as sprain, knee injury, meniscus injury, etc. In many cases, the disease is caused by changes in the skeletal system of the muscles of the lower extremities or the spine, which leads to an incorrect distribution of the load in the knee joint. A common cause of osteoarthritis is overweight and obesity. In older people, the destruction of the knee joint is explained by the natural aging of the body and endocrine disorders: hypothyroidism, acromegaly, systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus and chronic inflammatory arthritis, and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid arthritis and gout).


Initially, the symptoms of arthrosis of the knee joint are very mild, so the patient does not pay attention to them. You should be alert if you notice things like:

  • limited joint mobility after getting out of bed;
  • pain when trying to squat down;
  • difficulty straightening the leg;
  • swelling and heat in the knee joints after training;
  • crunch in the joints.

As osteoarthritis progresses, arthritis interferes with normal walking. A person experiences pain when trying to sit down, stand up or just move around. However, if you start treatment on time, you can restore the performance of the knee joint.

Joint exercises

To overcome osteoarthritis of the knee joints, special exercises that need to be done regularly help. They stimulate blood flow to the knees, due to which the cartilage tissue begins to recover. Attention! If you have post-traumatic arthrosis arthritis, you should consult with a trauma specialist before doing exercises.

  1. After waking up, without getting out of bed, slowly do the "bike" exercise. The amplitude of leg movements should be maximum.
  2. The next exercise against arthrosis is also performed in a prone position. Bend one leg at the knee, and straighten the other, pulling your fingers towards you as much as possible. Change legs. Repeat the movements several times.
  3. Throughout the day, for the health of the knee, it is useful to do this simple exercise: sit on the floor, put a support under the heels, keeping the legs in a horizontal position. Then, without bending your knees, you should pull your toes towards you. Repeat several times.
  4. Sitting in the office or at home on a chair, stretch your legs forward so that your knees are as straight as possible. Pull your toes towards you. This exercise should be done as often as possible, and you will forget about what arthrosis arthritis is.

Experts note: with regular physical activity, the symptoms of knee joint disease are significantly reduced, or disappear altogether. On the Internet you can find many videos with useful exercises.


In the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, various home methods are used - cold and hot compresses, wraps, ointments. The right diet plays an important role. If you add a few simple foods to your diet, you can quickly cure osteoarthritis of the knee without spending huge amounts of money. How to do it - read below.

Cold compresses

Ice packs are recommended when the pain is accompanied by swelling of the knee joint and its overheating. Squeeze your legs tightly, wrap them with ice compresses, and put your feet on a raised platform. For half an hour you should not move your lower limbs. Ice has an anti-inflammatory effect and quickly brings relief. However, it only helps in the early stages of osteoarthritis.

Warm compresses

In the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, warm compresses are used only when there is no swelling. Before physical training, it reduces pain. But you must be careful to avoid burning or irritating your skin.

Essential oils

oils for knee arthritis

Essential oils have properties that can help relieve knee pain when used on the skin. Many essential oils have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Essential oils contain not only aromatic compounds, but also chemical components that are very useful for the joints. Among the latter are terpenoids and terpenes, hydrocarbons and aldehydes, organic acids, and amines. All of them have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and regenerating effects. Coming through the skin by rubbing, they moisturize the joint, which is especially important in conditions of synovial fluid deficiency.

If you are suffering from arthrosis arthritis, call on the healing power of essential oils. To do this, it is recommended to make the simplest homemade ointment: add a few drops of the selected oil to ordinary Vaseline and mix the product.

How to choose an essential oil against arthrosis of the joints? Focus on your symptoms.

So, peppermint oil will relieve pain and cool the knees a little, rosemary oil will improve blood circulation (that is, it should be used in cases where arthrosis is caused by a sedentary lifestyle), and lavender oil helps relieve inflammation.

It is also important not to make a mistake when buying essential oil. How to distinguish a quality product from a fake - look for videos on this topic on the Internet.


Treatment with leeches (hirudotherapy) gives amazing results in diseases of the knee joints (arthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, etc. ). The thing is that leeches thin the blood, improve blood circulation and remove all congestion. They will help in any case, no matter what type of arthrosis you have: post-traumatic, senile, etc. Leeches should be applied in close proximity to the knee, avoiding large arteries. There is a break of 4-7 days between procedures. In total, the treatment will take you 3-5 sessions of hirudotherapy. There are many videos on the Internet on how to properly handle leeches.

Honey wraps

Honey wraps help reduce knee pain and treat arthrosis in the early stages. Just lubricate the affected areas with natural honey, and apply a loose bandage of honey on top. This procedure is recommended to be carried out at night. Continue treatment until the complete disappearance of arthrosis of the joints.

Comfrey wraps

For the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, folk remedies often use comfrey, as this plant strengthens cartilage and helps build it up with degenerative changes in the joints. Melt 200 g of pork fat (lard) in a water bath, add 2 tablespoons of chopped comfrey there, and boil for 5 minutes over low heat. After cooling, pour the resulting drug into a glass dish and store in the refrigerator. To get rid of arthrosis, lubricate the knees with comfrey at night, and apply a bandage on top.

slippery elm wraps

Slippery elm is an excellent folk remedy for osteoarthritis of the knee. You can prepare ointments from it according to the recipe that we have given above (200 g of lard + 2 tablespoons of chopped slippery elm bark). Do wraps every evening until arthrosis or arthritis completely disappears.


The harpagophytum plant is popularly called the "devil's claw". It has been successfully used in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joints, as well as other degenerative diseases (such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. ). Recipe: 2 tablespoons of dried harpagophytum root should be poured into a thermos, pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for at least 2 hours. To successfully treat arthrosis, you should drink 3-4 cups of the resulting drug in a warm form per day.

bischofite salt

Bischofite salt is a unique natural product that was formed millions of years ago as a result of climate change - the evaporation of sea water and the enrichment of salt with deposits of uncontaminated trace elements. It helps to cure any arthrosis and arthritis, even post-traumatic (there are many videos on the network about the healing properties of this drug). Just give yourself a warm bath every two days, in which 1 glass of bischofite salt is dissolved. Continue treatment until arthrosis and arthritis are completely gone.

Massage for sore knees

During the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joints, do not forget to massage regularly. It is advisable to lubricate the skin with a mixture of olive and lavender oils. Try to relax your legs, grab your kneecap with your hands, and move it a little to the right and left and back and forth. Pain relief is almost immediate.


Ginger has long been used to treat stomach ailments. Recently, scientists have found that this product also relieves knee pain, reducing the manifestations of arthrosis of the joints. In a study of 261 patients with moderate to severe knee pain, ginger was shown to reduce pain when walking and standing. Therefore, include this spice in your daily diet, and you will forget what arthrosis or arthritis of the joints is.

We will also tell you how to make ginger compresses. Grind the root of the plant on a grater so that you get about 2 tablespoons of raw materials. Add the juice of a small onion, mix well and apply a thick layer on the affected joints. Cover with cling film and secure with a bandage. Such a compress for arthrosis should be worn for at least 3 hours, and it is better to do it all night. Repeat the treatment every 2-3 days until the unpleasant symptoms disappear completely.


You will be surprised, but turmeric is the most popular folk remedy for osteoarthritis of the knee in India. Adding this spice to your food can do wonders, as turmeric contains the enzyme curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Canadian scientists conducted animal studies and proved that curcumin reduces joint inflammation by inhibiting the enzyme that causes this condition. There is only one conclusion: if you want to treat arthrosis and arthritis, add turmeric to your daily menu.


Turpentine has long been used in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. It also helps to overcome sciatica and arthritis. How to apply it? Rub the joint area with turpentine at night, apply a warm bandage, and go to bed. In the morning you will find that arthrosis no longer bothers you.

Warm compress

Here is another recipe for a warm compress for arthritis. Mix 100 ml of pure alcohol with 50 g of mustard powder, 50 g of gasoline and 50 g of camphor. Separately, beat the whites of two or three eggs, and combine all the ingredients together. The resulting ointment should be lubricated with places where there is arthrosis or arthritis of the joints at night. Continue treatment until complete relief from the disease.

Coniferous baths

It is possible to treat arthrosis and arthritis of the joints with the help of coniferous baths. How are they made? Boil 1 liter of chopped young coniferous branches over low heat for 5-7 minutes, pour the broth into a bath, and dilute with warm water. The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes. After the bath, do not rub with a towel - just pat your body dry.

dandelion flowers

And now we will tell you how to treat arthrosis of the knee joint with dandelions. Everything is simple here: in the spring, when dandelions bloom, you should pick 3-4 flowers a day, rinse under running water, and then chew thoroughly. The taste is not very pleasant, but what can you not do in order to treat arthrosis?

But for the winter, prepare an alcohol tincture from dandelion flowers: for this, they need to be poured with pure alcohol as a whole, and stored in a cool, dark place for 1 month, then strain. As soon as arthritis begins to overcome you, lubricate your knees with this alcohol tincture.